Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Diva Goes to Tea!

Yummmmm.  Hot day.....sunshine....a roomful of giggling ladies....berry tea!  Bottom's up!
A couple of weekends ago I had lots of fun with my girlfriends celebrating my friend, L's bridal shower!

We went to this English Tea room.....I don't drink tea.  But I didn't think about iced tea...yah...I drink that!
What an amazingly fun day!

The goof in me almost showed up with my cool hat and lacy gloves and pearl necklace...but I toned it down a bit and went for the "safe" outfit.  I just realized that I didn't want to offend anyone by making them think I was poking fun at the whole idea of an English Tea room when, in fact, I was pretty excited!

I busted out the lacy gloves, though!

And here's the Bride looking awesome with those tea-time gloves!
I love this photo!

3 of my oldest and dearest girlfriends.  I love these ladies.  S, L, R and me!  I've known S since the 7th grade=21 years, L (who's S's sister) and R about 18 years!  I told them, "One day we'll be old ladies giggling and hanging out together."  I really hope so....

Getting some baby lovin'!
This is the last photo I took with my new camera...I dropped it....
my 5th camera in 4 years....

Just wanted to share some very scrap-worthy photos!!!
Hmmmm....I'm thinking......

I'm off for a few days...sigh....I'm recovering from the craziness!

Are you scrambling before school starts back up?????
I'm not ready!!!!!
Last year I couldn't WAIT for summer to end....but this year we're having so much fun and have got so much more to do!