Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Rituals coming to an end...

All About Me asks you....What's your morning ritual?
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I am loooooving the Septempber Kit!!!!

Well, summer is coming to an end...and so will our fun morning rituals....sigh.
It's so nice to go out and about in the sunshine with my babies.

I've always been very spontaneous....I feel so constrained with schedules.  I love freedom.
Though our morning rituals can change day to day...for the most part, it consists of the elements I've outlined in my layout :)  I connected the events with corkscrew arrows...because I live life like that...hardly ever a straight line!!!!!

But I always wish I could just stick to a schedule...naturally I JUST CAN'T!

The Ninja's are at it again with prompt #45:

Yes....Mommies are great at giving love...but they often seem to be forgotten.
Luckily, I don't wallow too long in self pity....though I make room for it to cleanse my soul....

The fun thing I did with this layout was adding the journaling later!
I created it but could NOT come up with the journaling on the spot!
I knew I was running out of time to photograph it (in the sun which is hard to come by some days in Washington) I snapped a pic of the journaling blocks while still blank.

Then, as I was editing the pic in PSE, I added the text....and I LOVED it!
Hmmmm....I really need to play with digi, right?

So come play come plaaaaay!!!!

Or just drop by and say hello to my AAM and Ninja girls and oooh and aaaah over their
works of art!