Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slip and SLIDE!

Yesterday I stopped off at Fred Meyer's to buy a CD (I got Usher's latest one if you were curioius).  Summer stuff was on sale AND it was my cousin's
I bought this slip and slide for less than $9 (no air pump needed) and some water guns for the kids (the bday boy got a super soaker so he could kick their butts)!

As you can see, they had a BLAST!

Gabe is up top and Josh (my cousin) is in the next pic.  I got lots of shots of each kid sliding.
It's days like this that remind me how lucky I am to be alive and to spend time enjoying life with my family.

My baby cousin Tristan and my girl Bel.
It's such a reward seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter.
Not to nice that you barely hear any fighting!!!

Here's the birthday boy Derrick!  He is SUCH a sweetie, at the end of the day right before he went home he said "Thank you, Ate Maureen! I had so much fun!" (The word Ate or ah-teh is what you call a female elder either a sister or cousin or close family friend.)  He is SUCH a sweetheart.
My cousins are such great boys, they are always so respectful and they remember to say thank you at the end of the day after I watch them.

What have you been doing to cool off?