Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Day with the Boys!

About a month ago, my Aunt and I took the boys to see some airplanes.
What a perfect idea!

We waited behind the gates to watch these super old airplanes take off!
The boys waited patiently.

And they were nice enough to allow me to take some pics!  Wooohoo!

Here's my little man smiling for me!

We fight a lot about his clothes.....he won.....hmmmm...rain boots in the summer.....
He calls them is "fie-do-fie-do" boots (firefighter).
He wants to be a Fire Fighter when he grows up....
we'll see about that.

Got a pic of the first one going by.

He watched through binoculars!  LOL!  I looked over and he was doing this.....ADORABLE!

What he saw through the "binoculars".

And there is the airplane boy.

Another pose!  He's so good at it!

While heading towards the airplane....the boys started to run...and I immediately yell
"Don't cross the rope!  You cannot touch the airplane!"
And I caught them right as they go under that rope!

There's my face-maker right in the middle.

Just walking along.

Best Buds!

My girl had a movie date with her Uncle.
I told her we were doing "boy stuff" and that she didn't miss out.
She was fine with that!

I'll have to take Bel on a girls day next week!
Just a quick share!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


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