Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What a Mug!

Oh I know, this is laaaate!  I'm all wrapped up in this book...heh heh...which is part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  If you're not familiar...think....Twilight...for adult eyes only!

Anyway, Prompt #39 is Mug Shot over at The Pink Ninjas!
Now, we've done away with the other elements and now you are to take the prompt title and do what you wish!  Nice!

I wanted to scrap my little boy's mug for a change!  This is his UGLY FACE which he has learned from his Uncle.  He'll bust this face out every so often to get a giggle....SOMETIMES it is successful and gets him out of trouble because...after laughing, how can you get back that straight face and continue with the lecture?????  I simply can't!  But I leave it with a warning..."whatch it kid, i'm still irritated"!

I'm not sure if I've shared these pics yet....but here you go!

Here's another shot of that FACE!

And since he's in this weird face-making phase, here's another one!  He really likes looking at the picture to see the result of the facial contortion he does for the camera.

I've even started making the face...seriously, my brother-in-law is right...sometimes it DOES make you feel better!  He's told me before to bust it out in tense moments...and you feel much better.  But I think that's just the healing power of laughter because you just KNOW how nasty your face is looking!!!

You should see my sister Emmy's FROG that is nasty!  Maybe one day she'll pose and I'll get a picture of it!

So remember, we've got some new Ninja players!  You've got to see their creations!  They rocked it out!