Sunday, June 6, 2010


FINALLY!  I was able to do some Sketchy Thursdays scrapping!  It's been soooo long!  I've been too busy with my DT work and life that I had less time for playing with my fave challenge blogs!

Up for grabs are 2 sets of copics!  Cool!  I've been meaning to get into that but have been hesitating but too worried about creating another addiction!

Anyway, featured in the layout are my adorable cousins.  Isabel had a great time with them and soooo adores and misses them all.  So, I titled the layout buddies...cuz that's what they are!

Sweetness runs in the family!  They love hanging out together!

And here are more Hawaii photos!
We drove down to Haleiwa which is a cute little old town with LOTS of cool shops and food.
I snapped a photo of this cool sight.  I'm not sure if it was a surfboard shop or some kind of museum...

There seemed to always be a long line at this place to get Shave Ice...aka....snow cones.  Well, they're not really snow cones...they're someting so much better!  In the bottom of the cone, I had them put some ice cream (but you could choose other things like these sweet bean stuff).  Then they put the shave ice and the flavored syrup on it!  AND you could also add something on the top like condensed milk (I know, total sugar overload)!  These are soooooooo stinkin' yummy!  I'm in withdrawals already!

One of the big things I miss about living in Hawaii is eating Shave Ice on a hot day.

My cute cousins.

Gabe seemed to take to my cousin K.

Here's the gang enjoying their treat on the cute!

Bel was sooo excited to eat hers!

And what an absolutely priceless photo!  Look at those faces!

This was the MOST excited person of the bunch!

Dad enjoying his.

My parents chose to have condensed milk drenched all over the top of their shave ice!

And a couple tips for those of you who may head over there one cousin who lives in Kailua told me to try the shave ice at the Shimazu Store which she seemed to like better.  And if they sell the holders (the blue things that hold up the cone) you MUST pay the extra few cents because eating shave ice is MESSY and who would want any of that goodness to fall on the wanna eat it ALLLLL up!  Here is some info on some Shave Ice places to hit up...I would highly recommend trying different places!!  he he!

Oh!  If you haven't already heard that new Justin Beiber's Gabe's rendition*

Well, that's it for today!  I gotta get the kiddies off to bed!
It was a nice relaxing day today...lazy Sunday.
Yesterday Gabe and I met up with my Aunt and my cousins on a little adventure...I've got pics I will share later!  What did you do?