Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Them Roots Run Deep...

This prompt was F.U.N.!

So now the Pink Ninjas are back!
The prompt is ROOTS.
Come up with whatever and play along!!!!

After LOTS of thinking....I chose to scrap about my beautiful Grammies.
I found this picture of the both of them taken years ago when I was a little girl.

I'm like them in a lot of ways and I wanted to scrap about it.  Wow, and I as loveable as these ladies??????  He he!

I got my creativity from my Gramma Idad.  I inherited a lot of other traits too.  Gramma took care of me and my sisters while my parents were at work.  I'm lucky to have had that special connection to her.  I was her sidekick, always seeing what she was up to and asking her questions.  I learned a lot from her.

Once, this girl was bullying me by following me home from school and yelling behind me, threatening me and calling me names....don't feel too bad for me....(long story, I had a mouth on me as a girl and said something about HER friend...that friend of hers was such a snot and THAT'S what I had said out loud to someone I knew).  Anyways, the Bully threatened me not to tell on them for following me home from school and taunting me.  Well, that biotch didn't know who she was messing with cuz you DON'T tell me what I can't do...cuz then I'll just SHOW you I can do it!  And for some reason, in my life I've always had BACKUP!  I ran on home to Gramma crying cuz I was PISSED at that Amazon Girl and scared cuz she could squash me like a bug if she wanted (she was HUGE)!  My Gramma took my hand and stomped over to both houses (with me cringing and pointing the way to each house) and spoke to their family.  Oh man!  She was good and maaaad...had her hands on her hips and everything!  The girl who got her bully friend to scare me got a spanking and the Amazon Bully got nothing cuz my Gramma couldn't find her parents and spoke to her teenage cousin instead.  I got an apology from the little Snotty one and the Amazon left me alone as well!

Like that story?  The moral.....don't talk smack unless you got backup RIGHT THERE or your odds are decent and you can duke it out yourself!  And, though I have to say anytime I open my mouth to say something about someone it's well-deserved and true.  I've always been careful what I say about people.  I'm not a gossip, I just despise rudeness in people and speak up when necessary.

And Gramma Mely....uh....I gotta thank her for my funloving traits!  When this woman gets the giggles....IT'S ALL OVER!  Sometimes, she'll be telling a story and start laughing at what she's thinking.....we STILL start cracking up cuz she's laughing so stinking hard she starts to pee her pants and wheeze!!!  And in the end, the family doesn't really even know what she was laughing so hard at but we're all wiping our tears of laughter away!  It's not uncommon for the whole family to laugh for 5 minutes straight when she's around.

I miss them both.  Muah to Gramma Idad in Heaven and to Gramma Mely in the Philippines.

Oh yes, forgot to tell you, I used my Pink Ninja Addicts Kit called Thrift Shop Junkie.
I love my Ninja Kits, I can't get enough!
I love the original elements in them and the awesome of girly blended with tough!  Too cool!

Remember, if ya wanna see some cool things other Ninja's have done with the kits, go to the Pink Ninja Addicts Blog and the Pink Ninja Nation GALLERY!  If you have a Ninja Kit and would like to contribute a creation (and be a Ninja too) let Ally or Nely know and they'll add you so you can post and share to the Ninja Nation Blog!

Happy Wednesday!