Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm baaaaack!

Okay, I'm back home!  Our flight departed from Honolulu at about 10:20 pm last night and got into Seattle about 7:30 or so!  So, there is a 3 hour time difference!  We grabbed some McD's and ate our breakfast and knocked out on the couch!  I slept another 3 hours....and got to editing some photos for your viewing pleasure!

Are you ready?

Here's The Hubbs doing is new "Shaka" move!  LOL!

My baby girl all wrapped up in her sweater because of the wind.  We went on a Catamaran Cruise.

I felt reeeeealllll sick, but managed to hold it together by reciting "look at the horizon, look at the horizon" and I still had fun!

Here goes my silly dude again.

I just took Bel because #1 Gabe would have HATED it and #2 He's afraid of water!

My loves...Bel and my sisters!

Another girl pic!

Here are my two goofy babies having fun waiting for our food at one of my FAVE restaurants...ZIPPYS!

I wonder who this boy gets his smile from????

Uh, but not this nasty smile, THIS face is courtesy of his Uncle.

Yuuuummmmmm, Saimin!!!!  Ugh, I'm hungry for more!

I love those noodles, can't get enough!


Dad and Hubbs drinking the night away.  For two dudes that don't talk much, they sure have a lot to say to each other when they've got some liquor on board!

My favorite girls in the whole wide world!

Family pic by the pool!

Walking around in Waikiki!

And....enjoying a drink at the bar!  I had to have a FOO FOO drink while in Paradise!

My sis Emmy and Bel.

So tomorrow I'll work on posting more photos!
And I've also got another suprise for y'all!

I'll tell you some stories laterz!
I gots to unpack!  Ugh!