Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ninja Mo's trip to Hawaii!

Me's a Ninja AGAIN!  He he!  Yay!  I love my Ninja Ladies!
Say hello to the newest team and get to know them better HERE!

And more pics of our trip to Hawaii!

Bel and my super cute cousins...I miss them already!

So beautiful, my baby girl!

She likes to pose...he he!

I love this one!

We went to visit my Grandpa who is now 86!  I love that he's wearing a hot pink shirt and pajama bottoms!  LOL!

The little monsters got to enjoy some virgin foo foo drinks because they saw my sister and I enjoying ours!

At Sea Life Park.  Gabe is in a face-making phase!

View from Pali lookout!  Gorgeous.

Gabe is trying to make the shaka sign...heeeee.

And these are my two most FAVE photos from our trip!

Gabe's ugly Uncle Nith face (his uncle makes these nasty faces and got my kids to make them)!

A different face.

Even I get in on the nasty face action once in a while.

Well, Happy Wendnesday to you all!  I'm still editing pics.  Grandpa wants copies so I'm working on that!
I've got a few days off before returning to work so I hope to get my SCRAP on!

I think this vaca to Hawaii is THE BEST EVER (as Bel put it) vaca of all!!!!  I really feel like I leave a part of me behind whenever I leave Oahu.  I have so many fond memories of my childhood.  It's amazing how both things have changed...and some things are still the same.  Wow.

I will also have to share some cute finds....I'm sure many of my scrapping buddies will agree!

Back here in Washington in's 50's, rainy and overcast...such a change from the sunny 80 degree weather of Hawaii!  What's the weather been like in your neck of the woods?????