Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Don't Speak When I'm Angry

SUPER late share here!  I created this layout inspired by one of the prompts over at Who's That Girl!  I just never shared it cuz...well....I'm a slacker!

So, as the title reveals...I don't speak when I'm angry.
I have a short temper.
It's scary when I'm angry.  I feel like The Hulk trying to keep the big green scary monster from surfacing!
I feel my blood pressure rise and I start to shake because I'm REALLY trying not to yell or scream at whoever it is that is PISSING ME OFF!

Here's the journaling: "I am a creature ruled by my emotions. I am ruled by my heart...easily hurt. Quick to smile & laugh, but also quick to anger. When someone hurts me, I keep it inside. Why? It's a selfish reason, really. It's not so much I'm afraid to hurt's because I can't deal with the guilt after saying something I wish I could take back. You would not believe how much sleep I'd lose! Awful to say...BUT IT'S THE TRUTH!"

I'm almost embarrassed to reveal this...but oh you know!

So, I've got a project I'm working on!  Well, it's almost done!  My sister is visiting from California and I was inspired by THIS POST over at my girl, Carrie's blog.  So, I wrote my bucket list and making a mini!  But I'm going to have to hide it till May because I'm sharing it as part of one of the classes at Scrap Freak taught by Guru Bree!  You MUST check out the forum if you haven't yet!  LOTS of inspiration there!

Bree also masterminded Who's That Girl, I believe!  So...check out her amazingness at the WTG blog!

And I've also been inspired to perfect the crochet flower....I struggle because I know just the basics at crochet....I'm doing well, thanks to you tube!

Tonight, my sisters are coming over to scrap their bucket list.....I will have to take photos and share their creations since I can't share mine yet!

What do you have planned this week?