Saturday, April 17, 2010

Farewell Diego My Sweet....

Today we lost our baby Diego.  He didn't seem too sick at first and then it went downhill fast.
We're thankful he didn't seem to be in pain.

We lost him right when Krystal (my sis/his Mommy) reached the hospital.
She brought him home.

It was amazing how many family and friends gathered to say goodbye.
We buried him in the backyard next to the corner tree so we can visit whenever we wish.

I'll miss the way he'd prance around on three legs (we never figured out why he walked this way).  I'll miss his "leave me alone" growl.  I'll miss how he loved to cuddle right next to me and everyone else.  And I'll miss how he ALWAYS seemed to pose for the camera.

Krystal is okay.  We all said goodbye and that helped.

These things come in threes....there are other things going on right now I wish to keep private for my family.
I hope the storm is over...or at least eases up a little which will allow us to recover a little before the next blow.  All I can say is there will be changes on the horizon and life as we know it will shift a little.  I've enjoyed the peace so far and hope it will return.

I am reminded about the strength of family and that we can make it as long as we're together.  I am reminded of my Faith and to keep strong in prayer.  I am reminded that I must cherish everyone and to live in the moment.  Lord, I'm listening.  I trust that we will emerge stronger than we were...

Continue to live in the moment everyone.

Kisses to you my baby Diego.  We were blessed to have you for the short time you were on earth.
Until we meet again. Love Auntie Mo.