Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crazy COOL Cid...uh....Kid?????

Worked on another Sketchy Thursdays layout AGAIN!  I actually knocked down 4 layouts today (will share with you all later)!  I scrapped a couple photos of my super cute cousin Derrick.

I'm working on a few layouts to put in a Mother's Day scrapbook for my Aunt J.  I'm also trying to make another one for my Mom and if time allows, some for friends and family.  We'll see!

I love these cute gears by Maya Road!  And it's SUPER QUICK to use Maya Mists to color them!  Just ZAP it dry with a heat gun and seconds later...YOU ARE DONE!  The heat gun is the Impatient Scrapper's BEST FRIEND!

This kid is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!  I decided to use a bunch of adjectives in my journaling to describe Derrick.  Now I'm on the lookout for old photos of my cousins so I could make more pages to pop into the scrapbook!

And I found CHEAPO scrapbooks at Target for not much more than $7 on CLEARANCE!  I dunno bout you, but when I pass by scrappy things like that, I HAVE to get a "couple" things.  

I've used a bunch of these journaling pages on my layouts lately!  I love these long ones!  Soooo fun to use!

N-E Wayz!  TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!  Woooohoooo!  I've been scrapping in my craft room all morning!  Funnnnnn!

Thank you to EVERYONE for the birthday wishes!  You all are too sweet!!!

AND JUST BECAUSE I LOVE TO LAUGH AT MYSELF...yes, here's a special treat.  CLICK HERE to see photos from last Thanksgiving...you will see a REALLY SUPER GEEKY one of me and my Supermodel pose!

We actually celebrated on Saturday (the 13th) and it was an amazingly fun day!  I had lunch with some co-workers...not for my bday, just as a get-together.  It's always fun to talk outside of work (especially since work is waaay too stressful to get some good chatting done)! Had coffee with a good friend right after and later that night celebrated with close friends and family till the wee morning hours while also catching the Manny Pacuiao (You Tube link of his knockout highlights) fight!  BORRRRRING (I meant the fight)!!!!  Oh well, I still like to watch him on TV.  He's such a genuinely nice person and I LOVE that he's always cheesing for the camera (soooo unlike a champion boxer)!  LOL!  Had some jello shots...yummmm and topped the night off with watching the movie 2012!  Yes.....what a CRAZY PARTY...he hee!!!!

Sunday I shopped with the Hubby and caught Alice in Wonderland with my good friend R and her Hubby J!  Love those guys!

Monday had dinner at my BIL's house.  I love eating there, cuz his wifey CAN COOK!  Yummmm!  And I think I am officially allowed to say my BIL Cham is going to be a Daddy again!!!  I've got my fingers crossed for a lil girl which I can borrow every so often!!!!

Ummm....let's see.  Tonight we're having din din at my Mommy's house!  Yummmy!  I love it when people feed my tummy!!!!!  Cook for me and I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER!  I think if I could actually cook...I'd be food critic.  But since I only eat, I'm not totally qualified!  LOL!

My sister Emmy (from Cali) sent me a beautiful Orchid which I JUST GOT VIA UPS!  I love her!

I just feel so loved y'all!  I'm having such a wonderful week!  I'll be taking pictures t'night!  So hopefully I'll be able to share them with you soon!

Thanks for hanging out...and if you've made it through my babbling....LOVE YOU!  How sweet of you to tough through it!  :)  Thanks for taking the time to visit!


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