Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Are My Sunshine

Any of my Vintage Plum members remember this kit?  Yes....I've been hoarding it!  I finally busted this baby open and used it!  Sigggghhhh.....I miss VP :(  Jenny had some kits up for sale at their Etsy site but I don't see anything there anymore.  So if you really want one, send her a convo and she just might have some and never renewed the listings on them!  They were on sale for a good price.  HERE is the link to Vintage Plum's Etsy.

The only items I used NOT in the kit are the distress ink and crackle paint (Ranger)!

This layout is my entry for the latest All About Me prompt  #10 The Soundtrack of Your Life.
I also incorporated some distressing to qualify if for one of my JSYS Challenges on Scrap Freak.
So far I've finished 18 challenges since the 1st of January!!!  (They have daily challenges.)

I chose this song for two reasons.  My sister Emmy gave me this beautiful music box which played that song when you open it.  I was going through a rough time after a break up (yeeeeaaaaarrrrrrs nearly 15 years ago)...oh yeah...I thought my life was ending...he he!  But it touched my heart and I still have it...somewhere.

Then, when I had my kids, I'd sing this song to them every so often.  It's a happy song...and a heartfelt one....and my kids love to sing it with me.  The lyrics say it all.  They are my sunshine and the reason I'm in this world.  They make me smile when I'm sad and GET me to smile when I'm angry...especially at them.

I had a brush with death a few years ago where I survived a roll over car accident on the freeway....I hit the concrete barrier and survived....WITHOUT A SCRATCH ON ME.  The story about the accident is long and makes me angry (because the driver at fault fled the scene)....but they will "get theirs" one day, if not already.

But I remember right before I hit the barrier, I thought "Oh my God, I'm going to die."  I didn't really have that "life flashing before my eyes" thing happen (I was only 24 or so)...I just held my breath and HOPED I survived....I kinda giggle now that I think about it....because I still do that when something happens and I'm on the edge...waiting.....and boom, it's done and you think "COOL!"....HA HA.

The point I'm trying to make is....I get why I survived.  I still had things to do.  And only 2 months later I met Hubbs....fell in love....and 2 years later my Isabel was born!  Then Gabe came along 4 years later.  This is what life is.  I'm lucky to have so much happiness in mine.

The photos I used were taken at the time of one of my friend's wedding.  I was a bridesmaid but Gabe was only 3 weeks old.  The photographer was sneaking about taking photos and saw me as a GREAT TARGET....he he...he was right!  I bought a bunch of these photos later.....sneaky guy!  But what a blessing to have these photos which are so precious to me (SHOOT!  I just realized I scrapped the ORIGINALS!....sigh....I'm such a dope sometimes!)  Ugh!  Oh man!  I just realized I never put the dot on the "I" in the title...he he..what is UP with me????

Oh'll work out.  Maybe "dude" still has a digital copy somewhere for me to beg off of him!

Yesterday I went to the mall to exchange some clothes...apparently my ass grew over the Holidays and didn't tell me.

I bribe my son all the time!  I told him I only had 2 stores to go to.  If he can be as well-behaved as he could  he would get a chocolate milk or hot chocolate from Starbucks.  He did well!

Here is my Monster posing with his milk.  He's in this goofy pose phase.
He had an AWESOME time at this fountain because by some sheer luck, I had about 25 pennies in my purse he could throw in the fountain/pool!  Yay for me!  THAT gave me enough time to make sure the prissy girl from Forever 21 processed my exchanges correctly (ATTITUDE!).  I wish I was more bi***y, cuz then she'd get a piece of my mind.  Telling me "Did you try them on this time?"....I woulda REALLY said "BI**H, YOU try TOTING around a THREE-YEAR-OLD and see how many clothes YOU are able to F*@$#&%! try on!  You're lucky I'm droppin' $200 bones in your effing store!"  But no.  I bit my tongue, and said my please and thank-yous and left.  He he.  I don't think they realize how many OTHER "Forever 21-ey" type stores there are in the mall these days....I'll have to exercise my spending habit ELSEWHERE next time.  So...for you Washington folk.....that was FOREVER 21 at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood.  A NO-GO!  I shoulda known after passing 4 employees and not getting ONE greeting (I was the only person in the store) that my experience that day would be underwhelming.

Anyway, I snapped  a photo of the fountain.  My fear day, I'll turn away for a second and Gabe will have fallen in the dang fountain!  He he!  Just watch!

See...all he'd have to do is bend over too far!  LOL!
Well, that's it for today!
Gabe says "See you way-toe!"
Hope you have a great rest of the week everyone!  Thanks for visting!!!