Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't you know.....I'M NO PUSHOVER!

From Stamping with Mo: Crafting and Scrapbooking

Remember this layout?  It's one of my FAVORITES!  Inspiration for the layout was drawn from one of the challenges at All About Me!  So....I can't take all the credit!  And the fabulous Jen over at Challenge U 2 decided to use it as the #8 lift challenge!  How flattering!  Thanks Jen!

If you get a change, head on over and play along!

This layout reminds me of the other day at work.  Remember how I've said that Nursing is one of the professions that put you at risk for assault?  Well....OH YES.....I had to leave a room of a patient YELLING at me out of nowhere standing two feet away, waving her hands and directing all of her frustrations of the day on ME!  I just came in to give some pain medication (had no clue what's happened prior to the time I got in to see her).  I came in sweet as pie (as I always am)...and I tell you...SOME people think I will allow myself to get SH***ED on just because of my smile, my small stature and my kindness.  First of all, you DO NOT start yelling at a Filipino for no reason....we may be classified as Asian (you know, the stereotype of being passive) BUT we have that passionate Spanish blood that can boil and steam!!!!  (And the females are worse than the males....tee I insert another stereotype...I'm soooo baaaaad.)  NO WAY was I going to allow myself to be a stupid doormat!

Now, I understand that people are frustrated (that I TOTALLY get) but I DO NOT get why someone thinks they can yell in a public place where other people are sick...if not sicker than you and direct their anger at one person that did nothing wrong but be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Did she do this to the doc????? Noooooooooooo.  Because some patients seem to save all the rudeness for the "little people".  Anyway, this was not just ANY yelling person, this was someone who looked like she was holding herself back from harming me and she made several movements toward me....yeah.  So I told her I wouldn't take the yelling and I was leaving and I did.  But not before she accused me of giving her attitude because I chose to speak up and say I would not stand for someone yelling at me.  I made some attempts to calm her down by saying "I'm sorry you're frustra(BUT SHE CUT ME OFF)" so I told her she didn't have to yell...and I swear...she WENT SUPER CRAZY!  So I left. 

It wasn't even a full moon!!!!  Ugggggghhhhh!  It's days like that when I HATE BEING A NURSE.  Anyway, OBVIOUSLY Miss Rudeness didn't get the memo.....I'm NO EFFING PUSHOVER biooootch!!!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!  Nurses WILL fight for you and watch out for you to get things done if they can!  I hope today goes better!  Sigh.