Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Be Kind, REWIND! And a Lady unLump update!

WhAAAT?  It's December already?  But I'm running outta time!!!!!  ReWIND please!?   Please?  I'm missing some days here!  Well, although I find myself scrambling for some time....the Christmas decor isn't up (in fact, my freaking PUMPKINS are still on my stoop), I've got a TON of presents to make folks for Christmas, I've got to spend the rest of my FSA (you know, the "use it or lose it" account) before the end of December, I've got Christmas gifts to buy for the kids (plus research to find out if I will INDEED get them fishIES for Christmas), and....and...there's more...I just know it, but I'm afraid to think because I'll just feel MORE frantic!

But I AM NOT complaining!  Because, as far as the "Lady Lump" goes, testing did not find any cancer!  Wahhoooooie!  So, flashback - I'm there, boobs bared....and we're looking for that STUPID lump....and the lady goes..."um...can you show me where it's at?"...and I'm like "oh yeah, right here" and I go to press on the area...and I can't find it!  All I can say is "ummmmm" and with a foolish smile, we proceed with the mammogram.  Yeowch!  But at the same time, I couldn't wait to get the boobie squeezing test done with!  And nex....we go to the ultrasound, though the mammogram seemed to show normal breast tissue.   Luckily, I get right in for the waiting....and I think "Awesome!" cause I gotta high-tail it outta there and jump right into Isabel's Birthday celebration.

So the nice lady ultrasound tech starts looking.....and looking....and looking.  Again, I'm asked to point to where the lump is and I say "Well, the other day when we looked, it was here....." and I point to that area.  And we're kinda giggling cuz we can't seem to find that RASCAL of  a lump!  At this point, I'm a little worried because I'm freaking thinking "If they can't find it, how will I know?"....and I think some more and say to myself, "Dope!  THAT'S EXACTLY what you want to happen...for the lump to NOT even be there!"  And so I calm down and the Radiologist comes in saying "So, I hear we're looking for something that's not there!"  And we're all laughing.

But get this.  He's looking with the ultrasound and searching for a lump and he says to the ultrasound tech something like  "It's really easy, you can see right to her ribs."......uhhhhhh.....THANKS DUDE!  My boobs just got insulted!  But it was WAYYYYY funny more than insulting, and I'm sure he didn't give a second thought to what he just said.  He finds nothing and says the mammogram and ultrasound only show normal breast tissue.  Whew! Cool!

So, I'm still having some tenderness and the breast tissue is definitely feeling different now....which likely means the "lump" might have appeared as part of my "cycle"..darn hormones!

So, I'll just talk to my doctor to see if she wants to see me again but I think the craziness is pretty much over.

So now for some crafty stuff!!!!  I finished this mini album a few weeks ago.  It's FOR ME!  I scrapped the Pumpkin Patch photos using my Simply Obsessed November Kit.  I absolutely love the kits there!  And Heather, the owner is super sweet!
I'll show you the cover, because right now I don't have time to load up all the pics of the I'll do that on another post!

Aint it cute?  I made that humungo flower using a prima flower and some crumpled up paper circles which I bunched up and distressed.  I glued all the flowers on with a hot glue gun.


This is what the kit looks like:

And CLICK HERE for a link to see the kit contents!

Here's another cute photo!  When we celebrated Gabe's 3rd Birthday just before Thanksgiving, we had a TON of leftover after Isabel got out of school, we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese to use up the tokens.  My adorable cousins are to the left with my Uncle and my Mom (front right) and Dad and sister (not shown) came along to eat pizza and celebrate Bel's 7th Birthday.

I'm currently working on a mini book for Mom for Christmas.  To save money, I used Photoshop Elements collage function to create 2 small photos from a 4x6 print.  It's MUCH cheaper to print 1 4x6 than it is to pay for a 2.5 x 3 wallet!!!!

So that's my storytelling for today!  I'll work on getting the rest of the Pumpkin Patch mini book posted!  Thank you to everyone for all the love and support!!!!  It REALLY helped me worry less.  I spent a lot of the last couple weeks just playing with the kids and talking and laughing and vegging out watching movies with Hubby.  One day, we actually watched 4 movies on TV!  It's been so long since we actually hung out!

I hope all is well with everyone and I hope to do some blog visiting between today and tomorrow!