Friday, November 20, 2009

Mamma Mia!

Spotlight on Handmade!

The internet is AMAZING!  I've been known to waste hours on end on the computer (at least last summer) and as the busy season of Fall arrived, I had to make some tough choices...well, not really tough but some hard choices!  I've had to severely cut my online time...I was spending way too much time on the computer and less time with my kids.  Jessi really got me thinking (thanks girl) and I really had to ration my internet time.  Anyway, here I go babbling about less internet and what do I go telling you about????

My internet surfing finds!!  Ha ha!  I stumbled across this Etsy seller on Twitter (very cool).  Zafirenia is an Etsy seller from Greece (sooo cool) and as I peeked through her store all I could do was gaaaaassssp!  I think her jewelry is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and the PRICES are amazing!  So, I promptly added several items to my wish list and emailed them to my family...he he!  But I wanted to share this goodness with you!!!

I LOVE that blue flower above and this pink one below!  GORGEOUSNESS!  This jewelry is really my kinda style!  I wish I could design some stuff like day!

And this bracelet is beeeeaaaauuutiful (Julie, you're rubbing off on me!)!  I've been itching to take a trip to the cool antique mall near my home (thanks to Beth P)!  Gee ladies, you guys really seem to infiltrate my everyday life!!!


I love all the colors here!~!  Love it!

Here's part of Zafirenia's bio on her profile:

"I make jewelry for the last 10 years and it started as a hobby! I'm also a psychologist-psychodramatist and I love creating. I try to make fashionable but also time lasting and vintage style designs.   Almost everything inspires me in the material and non-material world. I don't prefer one style from another, but I certainly like a piece of jewelry when it is well-made, feminine and it reveals the mood of it's creator."

And I've had a chance to email back and forth with her...she's really super sweet!  I just can't believe I haven't stumbled across her store yet!  I'm so happy I did!

So, as we all are making up our wish lists..he he...shameful, I know.....(the family DID request I make one up) I thought I would share some cool finds with you all!!!

And some other news.  We celebrated Krystal's birthday last week!  We met up at Red Lobster (yummmmm...I love seafood)!  Emmy, we missed you!!!  We missed you too Hubbs!

Krys and cute!  Bel jumped right up when the ice cream and cake was delivered!  She dug right into the yummy goodness!  So did Gabe!

And a sweet kiss from cute!

And we hitched a ride from Mom and Dad and I find out some really cute things....apparently the kids frequently ask my parents to play the Mamma Mia soundrack...they LOVE it!

I'm sitting next to Gabe and he says "Lola (grandma), I want Mamma Mia!"  So my mom plays the soundtrack....FUN!  Gabe's humming on my right and Isabel is in FULL CONCERT mode on my left....and I think how lucky I am to be so happy!

Of course, I JOIN IN!  Because I LOVE Abba...their songs remind me of my childhood (Dad was a fan too...still is)!  The whole family is singing in the car....the car ride home was sooo fun!

This picture was way too cool.  My thumb sort of directed that red light a certain way and the photo turned out like!

And here's Gabe in the middle of singing.

I LOVE Bel's face here!  My Mom cracked up when she saw this photo!  Bel is gonna kill me when she grows up!
Well, that's my sharing for today!  I thought you'd get a kick outta the funny family photos!