Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Here's my Sketchy Thursday layout!! I had about 30 minutes to do this one!! That's why I LOVE ST, because I can crank out a layout QUICK! I love love love it! It's a little different from what I usually do....lot of good inking!!!

I used a buncha Prima flowers.....Prima ROCKS!
I also busted out some of my cool Walnut Ink antiquing's pretty much very cool!

I used the last of these cool border stickers I had....  And I used some the negative part of a cutout to make that swoopy thing on the side....I dunno what you call that shape!  I used some yellow pigment ink on dark olivey paper and then ripped it out!  FUN!

Samual is soooo cute!  Look at those super cute cheeks!!!  He gets pinched ALL THE TIME!  Poor guy...poor cheeks!

Okay, I know I've been super dee duper busy...but I've been creating bunches of stuff for Christmas!  I'll have to take pictures to show you guys the projects I've been working on!

I'm soo tired of charging all the holiday presents on our credit card!!!  I'm still paying off bills from 2 years (or more) ago!  It's GOT to stop!  So....I've decided to make most of the presents this year!  I've also picked up an extra day at work...I'll be giving H1N1 shots this weekend!  Easy peasy!!!!  Plus I get weekend pay!  That should pay for a BUNCH of presents!

And I've been busy planning the birthday parties for my rug rats!  I'll be spending part of the weekend at Chuck E Cheese! also YAY....cuz I won't have to worry bout the cleanup!!!  Wahoooo!!!!

Are you ready for NEW MOON???????  For all of you going....have fun!  What are your weekend plans?