Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hi! My name is....What?...My name is.....Huh?

Excuse me, can I have the attention of the class.....for one second....

Okay okay, I'm done with Eminem.

I've got an announcement!  I am soooooo excited to say that Krystal, my little sis, is going to be joining me in writing interesting things for you all on my blog!  I decided to kick it up a notch and start some extra fun!  As you all may know, we will be having a Mo's Man of the Week.  Since I work ALL DAY Mondays...I am in need of assistance!  Krystal has so graciously accepted my offer!  She will be helping me with some of my posts.  I am also trying real hard to get her to scrapbook more!

She has recently graduated from UW and I jumped on the chance to have her writing and commenting on my blog.  I don't know what it is, but this girl has a gift of gabbing....but in writing.  You'll see what I mean.

Anyway, so here's my beautiful sis!  She traveled to Italy and spent a few months there in school.  Wow!  She had some amazing stories to tell.  Funny ones...really!
She kept a diary of her Italy Adventures on a blog.  My FAVE entry is the one about

Here we are during our trip to San Diego to visit my sis Emmy.  I think this was at SeaWorld?  My memory is awful.  Oh yes, it is....because this was taken in some tunnel under water where you're surronded by glass and you get to look up at the sharks!

Krys drinking a Margarita...yummmmmm!

And maybe she's gonna kill me, but here is our ugly sister picture we took last Christmas!  I love it!  Emmy, my sister in the middle was doing this face exercise my dad learned....he he....the facial exercises actually help to tone up the muscles in your face.  My Dad's got a baby the man must be doing something right.....ugly facial excercises MUST WORK!

Remember my doggie nephew Diego?  Here's Krys and Diego last Christmas....he's got a Santa cute!  Krys got him a Pirate costume this year so I'm pretty excited to see what he looks like...I'm sure he's not too excited though.
Here we are making a bunch of cards on Christmas Eve.  My sister, the procrastinator, needed to make a bunch of cards to give away as presents.

I love this picture!

...and this one....

....and this one!!!  KARATE CHOP??????? What are you doing Krys?

So you guys wanna know where I get my goofy sense of humor?
A picture says a thousand's a bunch of em...check out the rest of my familia!
I'm too sexy photo.  Emmy (left) Krystal (right)

Emmy, Mom, Krystal

Krystal loves to stick her tongue out in photos.

I guess Dad said they looked like beggars sitting on these steps eating.

Here's the poor man that spent all these years surrounded by women!

Another awesome view...the background is cool too...tee hee hee!

My sisters!

Note to family: This really sucks looking at all these photos knowing that this is the first family trip I've ever missed!  Sigh.

And they saw some other Filipinos...and had to hang out with them!  Filipino convention?  Who took this photo????  My eyes hurt!

My baby Diego!

You can't really tell in this picture....but dogs kinda DO look like their owners/Mommies!

Awwww....Mommy's home from Italy!

Striking a pose for the camera!  Love this pic!

And here's a little interview I did of my sis!

Age: 22
Birthday: November 17
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communication, University of Washington
Occupation: Online Banking CSR – City Bank…but this is more like my wait-until-I-get-a-real-job job
Favorite Color: purple and blue, but based on my closet I really like gray and black haha (Very true, Krys, cuz I looked through your closet the other day and stole some dresses!  I was looking for some color...but ended up with a black one!)
Favorite Book: I’d like to give a more adult answer, but the truth is I have yet to find a book that makes me as excited as the Harry Potter series.
Favorite movie: Can't pick just one; I actually watch my Friends dvds more than any movie I own
Favorite quote: I don't know..."With great power comes great responsibility" hahaha
Something interesting: I buy every magazine that has Jessica Alba on the cover! That's more sad than interesting though haha
What I took away from my trip: 1. Italy is amazing 2. Hot guys? Couldn't find them 3. I need to see the rest of the world!!
Favorite childhood memory: Our family trips to Hawaii. I would cry everytime we had to leave there :(

Thanks for doing the interview Krys!  I'm excited to have you be part of my crazy blogginess!  I hope everyone is having a great day!  Thanks for stopping by and visiting!  Until I blog again!!!