Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Geeky High School Photo of Mo!

Here's another layout from ME...your Sketchy Thursday Addict!!!! You have till midnight tonight to send your entry...if you miss it, don't worry, cuz there will be a new one tomorrow! I used my August Kit (Lillybee Designs) from Simply Obsessed. I'm loving their kits! I have yet to break into my September kit! It's got TURQUOISE in it!!!!

I actually finished this layout last Friday but have been sooooo busy getting ready for Isabel's first day of school! Yep, can you believe how late she started?

Ugh! I was soooooo frustrated trying to figure out the bus route she was supposed to take! In the end, I drove around this morning asking all the parents at several bus stops around my house what schools the kids were going to. Can you believe that there were 4 bus stops about a block away from our house in all directions...and not one of them were for her school? And I could see more bus stops even further down the street!

I have NO IDEA how she ended up at the school she's at when all the other kids in the neighborhood are divided between 2 different schools! Oh well, we like the school a lot....except for the fact that we never know what class she's assigned to until a few days prior to school starting. It seems other schools seem to be more informed. Ugh! I hate not knowing things...then scrambling last minute to figure it out! And I hate it more when it's not due to my own procrastinating!

Okay done ranting!

I've been doing a lot of rub-ons lately! I think because I want to break out my liquid pearls!!! It's soooo gratifying when the last thing I do is add the liquid's soooo complete! The whole "bloop....bloop...bloop" (yes, I make sound effects) and then the tapping so that the thick liquid flattens out. LOVE IT!

I have concerts too. Yes, I sing while I scrap....and loud too...not so much in the shower....singing while scrapping is my thing!

In the layout, I used one the photos I took Senior Year. And I took a picture with one of my best friends, Allen.
Okay, ready for the close up of the geeky outfit? Aaaaaaah! Look at all those flowers! Ugh...flower print over load!! I don't know what the heck got into me, but I picked this outfit and was sooo excited to wear it! Why couldn't I have picked something cute like my friend Al? She's so purdy in her pretty dress and her curls! I also chose to have bangs....ugh...looks like I've got helmet head! Hey, I was trying something different.....nope, didn't work out too great. Oh well, now I can look back and laugh.
Well, hope you enjoyed the photo! This one had been hidden...for a long.....LONG time. I found it and HAD to scrap it!
Allen, if you're reading this, BOY I MISS THE FUN! I'm so bad at keeping in touch....forgive me!!!! Allen and I were also partners in tennis.....sooooo fun! I will have to scrap some photos of me on the tennis team!!!! Aaaaah! Nostalgia!
Well, I hope to be able to blog once more before the week is done!


  1. Hey Girlie...don't we all have those great fashion moments we'd like to forget:) But oh, the memories they can bring back. Hope you are doing well and I miss you too!! I just can't seem to get any creativity flowing the past week or two...and I've got new stuff to work with, but nothing comes. Maybe it is from being sick! Oh well, I'll talk to you soon! Love, Jess

  2. great use of that rub on! :) if you don't mind me asking, what line is that? it's super adorable!


  3. I love that layout (and that's a FUN not geeky picture)!
    Glad school has started and hopefully the bus thing will smooth out for you.

  4. Tooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that photo of U and your BFF!!!!!! And I love love love the colors!!!!!!!! And bummer about the bus thing.....did U read my "ihatemyson'snewschoolcuztheysuckandcutmoneyoutoftheBUSbudget" tangent?????????? grrrrrrrrrrrr......sometimes I WE want to be the most N-educated people in the world????? We can't even get the buses right....then how we supposed to follow anything else along???? LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Girl, I had an outfit almost exactly like yours in high school! lol You look beautiful, as always! Love the rub ons you added to the lo!

    Sorry about the school confusion, that would bug me too! I think when its time for Toot to go to school I'm just going to grab her and run for the hills. lol

  6. You Make Me Giggle!!!! I love the pic of you and the LO is just ADORABLE!!!!! Love the Rubon's...they are one of my favorites!!!!! Wishing you a day filled with smiles :)!!!!!!

  7. Mo, I love this page! My BFF from forever ago is still my BFF today. I need to dig out the old pictures of us to scrap them. Known Darlene since we were 5!! Thanks for playing, babe!

  8. love it love it!! that outfit is ROCKIN'- :o)

    Hope you're having an awesome week!

  9. great retro photo, your LO really compliments it. i am totally in love with liquid pearls too :D

  10. OMG! Listen to us!! WE are every boys dream! hahaha We get so into these vampire and dark society..or whatever ! lol
    I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!

  11. Hey you! You had me laughing with this one. And let me just say, if this is the geekiest you got in high school, well, I'd definitely have been the one of the two of us who'd been stuffed in my locker!

    So loving rubons right now, too. They're like magic, aren't they?

    Such a pretty layout. Great work!

  12. haha! Don't you love high school pictures? I look at some of mine and can't imagine what or why I wore what I did! haha

    I am older than you, but what about the 80's? Actually, I wonder now all the time about WHO were the fashion and hair styllists and designers of the 80"s and what were they thinking!

    I had something similar to your outfit :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (great photo of a great friendship :o)

    ...still trying to catch up on my blog will be reading all of these past posts, but will try not to comment on every single one! haha


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