Saturday, August 22, 2009

DUDE! And a tree too!

I forgot I did this one! He he...a photo of the layout was sitting in my camera just hanging out! I love this old photo of me and my Hubby. It was taken back in the days of hugs, kisses and dating (2002) it's more like sighing, farting and honey do lists (I'm NOT the one doing the farting....usually) a beer belly! He he.

This LO was inspired by the prompt on the Pink Ninja's called DUDES!

I used he kit they put together for me as GDT at Scrap Freak. I also got to use my new bottle of Perfect Pearls (from my Vintage Plum kit)!

And here's another for the Scrap Freak DT gallery! These are photos of my Uncle Eddie (Mom's baby bro) and his family. I always wanted an older sibling...and in the late 90's my Uncle moved here from Hawaii with his new wife. Since then, it's like I suddenly had an older brother (2 years older).

I remember as a kid visiting my mother's family in the Philippines...was about 3 or so. My dad kept on toting aroung this little was I MAD AT THIS KID! Who did he think he was, stealing the affections of my Daddy! He he. It was my Uncle earliest memory of him...I wanted to beat him up! Now, it's a priceless memory.

He's an awesome husband and father. My Aunt's pretty awesome too. They've got 3 sweet boys. I'm so lucky to be part of the lives of my cousins and see them lucky!

You'll see more layouts of them in it!

Here's the journaling.

I added some Distressed Stickles to the fruit in the tree...I think they are pears? It is soooo much fun using this stuff!

There's Tristan biting his lip....a habit he can't seem to kick! We always remind him "your lip...your lip" and he smiles!

I got that turquoise shell button in the button section at JoAnn' a package or about $2.99! Yes, I hope you don't get sick of seeing them in my scrappy creations! He he!


  1. Oh that first one was funny, very cute pic.

  2. You have such a radiant smile Maureen! Perfect pearls seems to be next on my list of scrappy stuff.
    Love your second cool that your "big brother" is actually your uncle!

  3. MO, you cracked me up with that line about you and your hubby! Don't I hear ya!! Great pages, as always!

  4. love your dude page - very funny comment about where you are now compared to where you used to be :D

  5. i can never get sick of cheap buttons from joanns! :) i've got packs sitting at home waiting to be used. lol! :)

    i love your scrapping style. it's always so fun! :)

    have a great day!

  6. you are too darn cute! I would love to meet you MoMo!!

    LOVE the dude LO, you always rock at the pink ninjas!!

  7. Yay, distress stickles!! I love that you used your perfect pearls, because I was just not sure at all how to use them.

    Great pages!

  8. love the layouts girl! I so want to come scrapping with you and have some of your mojo rub off on me!

    do you ever go to country village? I haven't been there in years, but everytime I go to my in-laws I think about it.


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