Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Here's MINE! It keeps me VERY GUILTY....but PLEASURED??????? Yes! The funny thing is, I had to take some bottles out....cuz they didn't fit in this picture! My taste in fragrances are generally light floral and floral fusions.....I also like sweet-smelling fragrances! My daughter Bel helps me out by wearing a spritz now and then so I can use up my CRAZINESS!!!!

Last week, I was VERY INSPIRED by the prompt over at the Pink Ninja's blog where you are to share your guilty pleasure! These girls are too cute! And, of course, I hopped over to see what's up with my girl Euphoria who is so very talented!

Here's the kicker.....other than that super cute black and gray patterned paper and alphas (black - Thickers; white - October Afternoon) in the layout.....EVERYTHING ELSE I used were parts of my perfume boxes!

NO JOKE! Right now my new favorite fragrance is my Harajuku Lovers perfume - Love (there are different scents)....that's the black and pink box and the other perfume box I used was my Versace - Bright Crystal.

I cut out pieces of my Harajuku Lovers box like the "love" definition and the quote from Gwen Stefani's song called Harajuku Girls: "You got the wicked style, I like the way that you are, I am your biggest fan."

The white cardboard box was taken from the inside of the Versace box. And that GORGEOUS snakeskin pattern (which is embossed and full of texture) is THE TOP OF THAT BOX! I just inked some parts of the cardboard so that the ridges would pop a little more. I've never had more fun making a layout!

That cool black and gray patterned paper is by Tinkering Ink. Its from the Haberdasher collection and this is a double sided paper called Brentwood - Fog. LOVE IT!

There's already a new prompt up this week.....I'll just say.....KICKS! Go check it out!

For those of you that wear perfume....What's YOUR favorite?