Friday, June 26, 2009

Come on! Get Your Freak On!


Okay! Ready for some enabling? I'm the gal for you! I have had the pleasure of finding an awesome site which I've been lurking! You know when you meet someone and you just click? THAT is what it was like for me and this forum! He think I'm joking....I'm serious.

Whenever I discover a new place to play, I've GOT to be drawn in pretty immediately! I don't know what it is about this place but I love it! It's called SCRAP FREAK. The forum is sooooo welcoming, you will not believe how quickly you'll get a "hello" or "welcome".

The prices are very competitive and they carry lots of different manufacturers! AND THEY'RE HAVING A SUMMER SALE! Yep, everything is normally already 10% off and right now till June 28th you get an ADDITIONAL 25% off EVERYTHING...including Clearance items...some of which are marked WAY DOWN! Lemme just toss a name out.....COSMO CRICKET! Yes...CLEARANCD....YES....EXTRA 25% off of THAT price! Um....yeah! I think from the time I got the hour later I had made a purchase and I'm soooo excited to get my goodies! I'm not sure how shipping works but I think I only paid $5!

Wooohooo! With the stress I've been going through at work....this sure makes me feel better!

Okay this post will not be without some eye candy.......I made a layout for their GDT and it's not my "usual" color choices! I got to use some of my Sassafras papers! He he.

I decided to document some of Gabe's favorite things. Although this photo was of him at 7 months of age, the favorites I listed are current as of age 2 1/2 years old:
Food: fruits and vegetables (I give him a plate of food and he PICKS OUT the veggies and leaves the rest....he's learned the word PROTEIN! You need to eat more I'm giving him some soy milk and he seems to love it!)
Drink: apple juice (Although to him everything is "appo jooos"....but when you put a cup of OJ and Apple Juice next to each other...he always goes for the apple juice.)
Cartoon: Dora the Explorer (NOT to be confused with DIEGO.....oh no...don't you DARE try to fake him out with Diego cuz he's NOT HAVIN' IT!)
Activity: singing and drawing (Which includes drawing on walls and furniture! I don't know how he finds these pens!)

Here's all the other GDT entries for June at Scrap Freak. Everyone had some great layouts/projects!

Oh! And chickety check this out! I got this link from one of the blogs I stalk! Do you like pizza? How bout cookies?.....hmmmmm......CLICK HERE. All I can say is YUMMMMMMM!