Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a HOOT!

Hello hello hello! Okay! So, I'm looking for more challenge blogs! I'm having a hard time creating lately without a focus whether it be a color scheme, sketch, theme, etc...I've had a hard time! So, I went looking and here' s a challenge I found at Scrapbooks & Stuff! This one was a sketch challenge, so click on the link to see the sketch! I got to use more of my owl papers by Adorn It! Yay! Now, I only have scraps left to use! I scrapbooked a day at the park.

Isabel, Gabe and I headed over to the park for a picnic with my brother-in-law and his wife. We had a really fun day hanging out! I'm excited (I think) now that the kids are older...we can go on more fun outings like this.
I never understood the kiddie leash....until my son Gabe came along! Isabel was just MUCH EASIER.....she stayed put! But Mr. Gabe wants to run anywhere and everywhere and especially loves it when I start to run after him! Hopefully he won't need to be tied to mommy for much longer.

Boy do I love owls! I finally got those October Afternoon owl stamps I've been dreaming about...I'll have to figure out what to use them on.....hmmmmm!

He he....look at my Gabe's Flintstone Feet! That's what my hubby Luke and I like to call them! Especially now, he's soooooo skinny and he's got these big fat Flintstone Feet! I'll have to take a photo. Big feet run in the Kao Family....ha ha!

I used this printed cardstock by Adorn It:

And these Cardstock Stickers too!

I would love to hear about any more challenge blogs/inspiration blogs out there! Which is YOUR favorite???????