Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wook Mommy.....

So here is one of my "little monsters"! Gabe is in his Terrible Twos. He's recently had this language EXPLOSION where he went from just two word descriptions to nearly full sentences! It's such an exciting time! Lately, I've just been taken by surprise with what comes outta his mouth!
We were sitting, hanging out the other night watching TV. All of a sudden he says..."Mommy! Mommy! Wook!"

I say "What?" He's pointing at the ceiling.

"Mommy wook! Doughnut! Doughnut!" And I look up again and start screaming with laughter!

Here's what we saw:

Wook. Can you see it? Wook at the ceiling. It's a doughnut!

As challenging as it can be, the Terrible Twos aren't so terrible!