Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I told ya! Here is my wall hanging I made during Creative Cafe at Vintage Plum! Stace did such an awesome job coming up with this project! The instructions were easy! It was like taking a FREE class in the comfort of your own home!

So, what you do is go to VintagePlum.com every Tuesday at 6 pm CST and find the "chit chat" tab at the top. The word "forum" will light up on the tab when you point to it. Click in and find "Creative Cafe" and click on it. Find the date and/or topic and click on it. You should soon be provided with a link to the live chat session you can click into the current CC (Creative Cafe). The designated design team member for that week will post step-by-step instructions with photos! Click into the chat if you like. It's fun! I don't do a lot of chatting because my kids are usually there as well and I've already got to work on the project while keeping an eye on them! I mean, they've got to be in the craft room with me....they won't leave....I guess my craft room is just as fun to them as it is to me!!!

When you're done you can post your creation in the Creative Cafe gallery to share!

What's really cool is that everyone designs their own thing! I had a lot of fun. I mean, I don't have to beg anymore for my family to come over and do crafty stuff with me....cuz I got the VP to hang out at! Yippeeee!

Here is my creation! Wow...bright bright bright! I just kinda went with the flow.....and ended up using a ton of stuff that I didn't think I'd ever use! The blue ribbon is something I had laying around. I knew I wanted to put it in my room....and it needed to match somehow but still added some zing to the room. Not only is it "ZING"....it's "ZINGY ZANG ZANG!"....you NEED to check out the other creations! They are awesome...and more should be coming as people get to the project on their own time.

Wanna make one? You still can! CLICK HERE for directions on the VP site and CLICK HERE for the Creative Cafe gallery if ya wanna peek at the other wall hangings!

Wowza! That's bright! I don't think I need my coffee this morning. I'm FULLY awake!

I chose the phrase "dare to dream" for inspiration. Everyday I look at it, I will be reminded of all my crafting goals! Now, all I have to do is write them down! Then, I'll be accountable for them!

Here's what I did with my wall hanging:
You take a long cardboard piece which you will split in 3 even pieces. Peel of the top layer of cardboard. You don't have to peel the whole top layer off...let some stick around here and there.
I used pieces of chipboard letters I have to spell out my phrase. I glued them on with some tacky glue. Don't be shy about gobbing that stuff on cuz otherwise your letter will pop right off your project.
Oh! STORAGE IDEA! I bought one of those clear plastic shoebox storage boxes and I have of them. I take a ziploc sandwich baggie and place each collection of chipboard letters in them....A to Z! Just drop em in alphabetically and store where you like. I put mine right under my desk so I can see them cuz with me "out of sight, out of mind"....I have to be reminded to use things!
For my 3 pieces of cardboard, I first painted on the light blue acrylic paint with a foam brush. Then, spritzed on some Java Walnut Ink Antiquing Solution (by Tsukineko) on the outer edges of each piece. Tip: Before you spritz, place your piece in a cardboard box, then spritz! The mess will be contained in the box and not dispersed on your furniture and clothes (I learned the hard way!).
I wanted some sparkle, so then I sprinkled some Dazzling Diamonds stamping glitter by Stampin' Up!
I needed to set the glitter on the project, so I just took some Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish and sprayed it on! It says "suitable for indoors"...but...cough cough.....better to spray outdoors...cough cough gag!
I used this super light acrylic paint and painted the outer edges of each cardboard piece. I also ran it down the front of the cardboard so that the top of the ridges and flat spots picked up the yellow. This highlights the dimension of the cardboard piece.

I used my heating tool to speed up the drying process...cuz I am quite impatient!
Punch holes with your Crop-A-Dile! 2 holes on the top and bottom of the top and middle cardboard pieces and only 2 holes at the top of the 3rd piece (really, do yourself a favor and CLICK HERE for Stace's easy directions). Add your ribbon pieces through the holes (four 5 in long pieces and one 8 inch piece for the top).
I used some of my favorite (but retired) Designer Series Paper by Stampin' Up! called "Bali Breeze". I ripped long 12 inch pieces and gathered them at the edges of the cardboard and stapled them in place, creating pleats. I got this VERY COOL idea from Kristina Werner's Finally Friday video for Two Peas In a Bucket.
Here's lemme paste it here:

Isn't she amazing?

Anyway, do remember to put this trim on first before your chipboard letters. I had to do some working around with the trim because my letters were already glued on.

Embellish as you see fit!

I used some old Making Memories brads. I love black and white and so, of course, you see it in this project. I also picked through my button jar and pulled out the gigantic ones I don't EVER use! I glued them on with......guess what???.....ZOTS adhesive dots!

I used some paper flowers by Prima which comes in this "Calypso Tin - Trini Bright". CLICK HERE for product info.

That's my share for today! Hope you enjoyed! Hungry for more ideas today? Check out the blogs I'm following on the side bar. I can't seem to get all the VP gals there...but you can still blog hop their sites on Vintage Plum.