Monday, August 12, 2013

Scrapping Friends

Fletchers Love Football

Ohhhhh, yeah!  Football season.....

I'm not a big football fan really.  But over the years I do love what the season brings.  As a child, my Sundays were full of naps beside my Dad while he watched football.  The sound of cheering fans in a football field actually lull me to sleep to this day.  There's a sense of safety and security I feel on the couch on a Sunday just lounging and napping and eating next to ANY family member.

I love how it brings people together.  The world may be busy the rest of the week but come Sunday, it slows down enough to cherish togetherness.

I scrapped about my dear friends above.  My God daughter is the younger of the two gals.  I love those girls to pieces.  Love love looooove them!  I pulled that collage from my girlfriend's Facebook page!  Yes, they all know they are not safe from Mo's photo lurking!

Thanks for stopping by on this lovely day!