Thursday, April 11, 2013

SCRUBS! No....not the TLC kind!

Hello All!  I was recently asked to review a new line of Dickies scrubs that will be set to come out Spring and Summer season at Uniformed Scrubs.  I know, why in the world am I talking about them on my blog?  For those of you that don't already know, I've been a Registered Nurse going on 9 years.  Interestingly enough, there are quite a bit of crafty folk involved in the medical field in some way or another.  I'm not sure why, but time and time again I run across many fellow crafters that share this profession at some time or another in their lives.  So for those of you that share this common ground, I thought you might like to read this review or forward it to someone you may know in the healthcare industry (there MAY be a coupon later)!

One of my very first pairs of scrubs were Dickies.  And yes, I still have them and wear them every week.  They are still my best looking scrubs (remember, it's been 9 years...wink wink).  I've tried many brands and in all honesty, this brand is my favorite!  The fabric is durable and high quality.  Over the years they have continued to bring us fashionable choices along with exceptional quality.  You can totally tell it's good stuff just by rubbing your hands over any of the lines they've put out.  The stitching doesn't fray over time like other brands I've owned.  And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, they come out with this new line called Natural Elements.  I am floored!  It boasts a silky smooth texture and the fabric (called Tencel/Lyocell) wicks moisture away from your skin so you can stay fresh.

The only thing that is slightly a downer about the lyocell is that it's "hang dry".  I totally forgot and threw mine in the dryer (shhhh, don't tell) and it came out fine.  I wouldn't suggest you continue to throw it in the dryer because that probably isn't good for the fabric.  But I can live with that.  Sacrificing convenience for high quality is always fine in my book.  

The scrub top I was sent (photo above) is uber comfortable because the fabric is so soft and it really does drape on you like silk.  I have the one with the keyhole cutout at the neckline and it's pretty cute.  It gathers at just the right places to offer you a more feminine rather than a boxy fit.  One of my biggest gripes about being a nurse is the fact I can't dress in my cute shoes and wear cool clothes.  Thankfully Dickies has recognized that and continue to design fashionable as well as functional uniforms for healthcare workers.  Yes!  You can totally look cute while holding a puke bag!  A very important consideration for a nurse!

As a thank you for reading this review, Uniformed Scrubs is allowing me to offer a coupon code to my readers:  15pbrm

There's more can enter to win a $50 Visa gift card from Uniformed Scrubs as well by going here through the Rafflecopter link.  There you can like their Facebook page, share, and Tweet!  It gives you up to 5 entries!

So if you're looking to buy long lasting and spiffy looking scrubs, you know where to go!


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