Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun times!

It was a month in the making.  My sister planned a surprise.

For Mother's Day, she flew in for the weekend.
We plotted and got Mom to come to The Purple Cafe in Seattle.

What a fun time :)

Loved all the windows and light.
Seattle is gorgeous!

(photo from Purple Cafe website)

Crab Cakes!

Bread Pudding!

And, of course, I made my Mommy a card:

My Dad was joking with Mom and said her Mother's Day lasted 5 days.  My sister flew in on Wednesday and so it was family fun every day until my sis went back home :(

Friday we whisked her away to The Alderbrook Spa Resort for an overnight trip.
Fun times!

We had so much girly fun!

Isabel made me something sweet at school. My heart melted....

And, I guess in the case of Oysters:  The third time's a charm!
I decided to try them one last time...and it was awesome!  Yummo.  I figured, I just need to drench it with tons of lemon and hot sauce!  My mouth is watering...

I am blessed with the gift of family, a loving and amazing mother, and children that never cease to amaze me.