Sunday, November 14, 2010

boxing and racing

Yesterday, all over the world, Filipinos congregated to cheer on their beloved Pacquiao!
At least...THESE Filipinos did!

Mom got my sis and I shirts...I was soooooooo happy!
Middle sis was sorely missed...muah!

My fave photo of the night!  No one messes with these ladies!  SERIOUSLY!  You think I'm joking...but I'm NOT!

He knows not to mess with me either.

Took my Girly to her classmate's bday party at a racetrack.  Super fun!

My lil racecar driver can't wait to go back!

Loved the look on her face!

My last two days of my Attitude of Graitutude Thankfulness.....

November 12 - Thank God Mom's stomach pains went away.  I'm hoping her condition isn't chronic.  If it is, surgery might be needed.  Crossing my fingers.

November 13 -  Filipino Pride.

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Have a wonderful week!