Monday, October 18, 2010

Crafty idea to keep Mommies Sane!

What are these?  My latest tool to keep me sane!

I've been meaning to make these for the LONGEST YEAR....but only got the chance to make em now!
I usually set out Isabel's outfits ahead of time so that I don't have to rely on the Hubby (or Isabel) to put together outfits on their own.....YIKES!  Ha should see the outfits this father and daughter team have come up with in the!

So, these babies I hang onto the hangers with her outfits all made up for the week!
I got some of those wooden slats over at Michael's and covered them with some patterned paper and embellishments.  Way fun!

(Callista!  More goodies from the goodie box here!  He he!)

I did struggle with the Big Bite to make holes so I canned that idea and just hot glued on the ribbon loops.
Unless you're willing to take out the power tools to make those holes, I'd actually suggest cutting up chipboard instead of using the wood.  I'd say these were 1/4" thick...a little too thick for the Big Bite to easily chomp through.  You might even risk breaking it if you try.

Isabel LOVES them!
She thinks I'm so cool....he he.

I'm planning on taking photos of her shoes so that I can hang them on the hangers too.  She loves not having to stress over an outfit.  You see, my child is a worry wart.  Is that common for firstborn children?  I kind of recall being one myself!

While I'm at it, I've got a cool link to share!
A friend of mine shared it with me and I've been able to get some AWESOME ideas from it!

I am on board with ANY great ideas to make Mommyhood easier!
This link talks about think your kid's too young for chores?
They may not be....

(Sherry, thanks for the cool link!)

If you've got any tips of your own, I'd LOVE to hear them!!!!