Monday, September 27, 2010

girls, fairies and mugs....

We've been busy....just living.
Yesterday....girls day....I set aside a day whenever I can to spend some alone time with my baby girl.

Dropped the boy off at 10 am with my Aunt so I could get some chores done and work in a massage.....opted for "moderate to deep pressure"....never did that eyes were watering....
almost jumped off the table!...but I knew the pain would be worth it because my back feels sooooooo much better today!  That was seriously a "no pain, no gain" kinda thing!

I worked in about 10 minutes sitting out in the sun flipping through my magazine by the bookstore about a block away from the massage place I go 2.....beautiful.  Saw an elderly gentleman enjoying life....people watching and reading a newspaper.

Went home, planned the next day on my iPhone while waiting for my daughter to get outta school
Picked up my girl and headed to "Color Me Mine"....F....U.....NNNNNNN!  It's a ceramics studio where you pick a piece, color it and just enjoy creating.  We had a BLAST!  I painted a fun coffee mug while Bel painted a fairy.  Our pieces will be ready tomorrow! (They have to put it in the kiln.)

Until I get our pieces back and photograph them....I leave you some of this Flickr eye-candy!

1. Mug for the Camera, 2. If my heart was a mug, 3. Early Mugs, 4. Cupcake Mug, 5. echino mug rug, 6. Japanese Mugs: Flowercarts and Mushrooms, 7. Coffee bean mug. Available on istock #7646641, 8. ♥ LOVE for RetroVintage MUGS ♥

1. Magical Butterflies?, 2. Friends & Acquaintances, 3. The Sun's Gonna Shine, 4. sleeping beauty, 5. Dreaming of Dragons, 6. Twig the Fairy warming her fingers 2010 AZ Ren Fest!, 7. Twig's Magical Silhouette, 8. Fairy Child ~ Explore