Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ninja Swap!


Prompt #41: Swap
Are you ready to see a Ninja Swap? This last prompt is one of my most fave Ninja Prompts so far! The Ninja Masters had us swap photos and scrap! I got to scrap this beautiful photo belonging to Ninja April.

Well...not THAT photo above...the one below, I just wanted to put a pic of Ninja April up!

(i did some stamping and embossing here...can you see?  he's the woodgrain stamp...i used white embossing the texture.  And you know how you have buttons and sometimes get tired of putting string through the holes..but need something in them?  I put a brad through the chipboard button on that red flower and addedsome goodies to it as well!)
That fabulous chipboard button is from Such Sweet Tierney!

Wanna see the gorgeous layout April made for me?

Isn't it beautiful!  She did such a crazy rockin' job with the photo and the papers and that flower!!!  LOVE IT!  I can't wait till this page is in my grubby little hands!

So, for the next promp, SWAP! Trade out a photo and scrap away! 
And here's some 4th of July photos to share!

We drove to a park to picnic.

My Uncle playing BBQ wars with the rest of the family friends BBQing off a makeshift grill!  LOL!
It was an "our food is better than yours" war!

Yummmmm.....we won!

Yes, he is BBQing off tin trays....

My familia!

My second familia!

Yes, I force my son to take pictures!  Ha ha!

My girl and my lil cousin!....I love the boys in the background playing!

Log hopping and taking photos!  Fun!


One of the few photos of me!

It was 61 degrees and this boy wanted a snow cone!

So cute!

My Aunt!

Aren't they too cute?  Dad's in the background eating some ribs!

My adorable dimpled cousin!  He loves to eat!

Bel's such a good sport to pose for her Momma!

I got the kids to pose too!

He he....

I gotta sneak some pictures with this boy...he refuses to pose!

The kids made a see-saw out of a log...LOL!  They had a blast!

And sadly, the only photos of me......I like how they turned out!  Yes, I know I'm wearing a jacket in the dead of Summer.....I live in Washington...nuff said!

Hope you had a Happy 4th of July!