Thursday, December 31, 2009

I missed you Sketchy Thursdays!!!!

So....Hubbs got me a BOX...kid you NOT....a WHOLE BOX....of scrappity stuff I had on my 2 Peas Wishlist!!!!  Ummmm....there were TONS of crackle paint, distressed stickles, liquid pearls, distressing ink in lots of colors, and like 5 huge wooden Hero Arts stamps!  Aaaahhhhhh.....I made my wishlist thinking...yeah right, my family won't get me this stuff cuz I've already got A ROOMFULL of scrappin crap!  But Hubbs came through!!!!  And as I usually complain about how much of a TYPICAL MAN he is....this time it WAS TO MY BENEFIT!  "HOW SO?" ask?   Well, being the typical guy...especially the guy who does NOT KNOW A THING about scrapping...he was like....holy H*LL...what do I he looked at my mile-long wish what does he do?????  He BOUGHT THE WHOLE DANG WISHLIST!  Ha ha!  I was cracking up!  I was like "oohhh you shouldn't cost too much"...but BOY WAS I GLAD HE DID!

Anyway, on to my share.  I have SERIOUSLY neglected one of my favorite challenge blogs....Sketchy Thursdays because prepping, present making, know!  So....I realized I could still make the "second chance" challenge!!!!  So....I cranked out one of my most favoritest cards EVER!

I don't know WHO will get this...but if I ever part with's going to be a super special person!  He he!

I got to play with LOTS of my new stuff!  Take a look!!!!!

Oh yes...almost forgot to mention...I went scrap digging to come up with the elements of the card!  The only thing I had planned was LOTS of stickles, liquid pearls and distressing ink! 

That there in the center...the backing of some Prima Flower packaging....uh huh....I'm sooooo happy I saved it!  It looks so prettiful!  I used my FAVE distressed stickles in Vintage Photo....LOVE IT!

I added tons of my OTHER favorite is SOOOOO freaking sparkly....I so WISH you could see the full effect!!!  Sigh.....

So, my escape to my craft room was well-enjoyed.....the kids barged in as I was adding finishing touches.

We are headed over to my Uncle's house to eat dinner and drink champagne and party with my cutey patootey baby cousins and my parents and hopefully my other aunt will be there too.

TOMORROW you will hear my news......I couldn't resist but have hinted at it here on the blog and unless you remember what it usually looks might miss it....

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!  Have a safe one!  I do hate watching the news New Year morning.....I just pray people are safe....