Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sketchy Thursdays in my Subconscious!

Did I say that right??? Sketchy Thursdays in my subconscious...or is it subconsciousness....oh well, I'm not known for great grammar....part of growing up in Hawaii speaking Pidgin, I guess. I cannot break myself from the habit of saying things like "Did you want me to take the patient to X-ray now?" (I work at a Urgent Care Clinic...caught myself saying this the other day.) I should be using the word "do" instead right? There's more, I'm sure...but I probably don't even realize it. Did you wanna see the layout? He he!

But let me get to the point....I created this layout a couple of days ago. Then yesterday, I thought...I should get to the ST sketch and work on it....and as I looked at the sketch closely...I realized...oh! Okay, well I used the sketch and didn't realize it! You have till Wednesday to link up...they've got a Flickr Group as well!!! Yay! CLICK HERE to get the details.

Ha ha! Can you believe it? Wowza! I was done with the ST challenge and didn't even know it!

But I originally created this layout for the prompt over at Point Blank Period. Their first challenge is up...Challenge #1 is called "Let It Go" I FINALLY broke into the kit I won from Maryangella's blog a few months ago!!!! CLICK HERE to see the kit I won from Paper Niche.

Here's the JOURNAL PROMPT: Let go of your comfort zones what do you think holds you back from being a better person ... or are you already exploding to the new and better you?

Here's the link to the challenge:

Confession, I don't like looking at myself under a microscope....I don't like looking at my own flaws...but I very much appreciate all the idiosyncrasies in other people! It's what makes them different and I tend to get along with a variety of personalities. Anyway, my point is...I know I need to better myself as a person, but I'm not sure why I avoid dwelling on what I need to improve. So, I jumped into this project and am pleasantly surprised. I'm hoping to keep a journal focusing on what I'd like to improve on and scrapping about it and hopefully looking back in a year to see what I've changed! Again, I'm amazed at what scrapping can do in someones life...truly amazed.


I ended up journaling on some library cards ( and tucked them into a pocket I created behind the photo. I think I wanted to "hide" it there...not comfortable writing it in the open. But I know I would share the journaling with you all anyway....I can't figure my thinking...can you?

The journaling reads:
Hmmm. What holds me back from being a better person? Definitely my MESSINESS! Don't get me wrong...I LOVE things neat. But getting them neat and keeping them that way is sooo hard! Hand in hand with my messiness is my other weakness....PROCRASTINATING! I wait & wait & stall & try to escape in daydreams or other more entertaining things...until next thing I know, that deadline passes by...or I miss that appointment...or the original purpose for my focus...just kind of gets forgotten! An then I think..."What ever happened to that cool project I had?" Instead of writing it down I told myself to remember....things get forgotten because my MANY great ideas go unacknowledged because I was too lazy to find a pen to write them down...or I tell myself "If it's important enough, I'll remember it" I KNOW FULL WELL how AWFUL my memory is! Ugh! I frustrate myself! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER MO!
I wrote in some qualities I'd like to improve on: disorganized, messy, unfocused, daydreamer, escape....
This layout got me thinking....
So, I think this will be an early start on some New Years resolutions for me!
Off the top of my head, other resolutions:
1) Review my Nursing Book....I'm VERY RUSTY! When a patient has to explain the physiology of his irregular heart rate (Atrial Flutter) to's TIME TO REVIEW! He was such a nice man to refresh my memory.
2) Clean out my closet (there's bunch of junk in I really need 2 boxes of yarn????)...I don't even knit anymore!
3) Learn how to cook more dishes (FYI....I don't cook a lot.) It's such a blow to my ego, I think that's why I avoid it if I can....Hubby cooks. Boy do I love man who can cook! And I fell in love with him BEFORE I knew this! (He was Mr. Mom when I was in nursing school and Bel was just a wee lil baby. I couldn't have done it without him!) Anyway, my mom keeps of buying me recipe books for Christmas (which is sweet, but kind of hurts...she's a phenomenal cook).
4) Go through my old stuff in storage at Mom and Dad's house. (Yikes! I'm scared of spiders!)
I'm still thinking of what else to add to this list.
And because I've always got to put a positive "stamp" on things, I HAD to make myself feel better with this corner stamp (Heidi Swapp) of positive qualities about myself that make me feel real good! And to comfort myself, I've also thought of what I HAVE accomplished this year!
Here are some resolutions I've fulfilled
1) Read more books. So far this year, I've read 14....giggle giggle...all Vampire Novels! LOL! Yes, it includes the Twilight series which started it all!
2) Donated 7 large garbage bags of clothes (cleaned out the garage).
3) Saw the dentist....YIKES...I'll leave it at that. Let me quote him "Two years is too long." Hmmmmm.....not sure I like him (He's new, I picked a new Dentist)......I hate being reminded about things I know....gets under my skin. Maybe it took 2 years because I DIDN'T LIKE MY LAST ONE!!!! One dentist (years ago) actually RESTED HIS ELBOW ON MY FOREHEAD while checking my teeth....all the while talking to the dental hygienist/tech....NEVER to me. Yah, one visit was enough...I shoulda cut that visit short by leaving!
4) Spent more time outdoors with the kids. Now that Gabe's older, I'm not so panicky when he's climbing up the slide/jungle gym. (I have anxiety attacks watching OTHER people who are high in the air...even on tv).
5) Scrapbooked TONS more this year thanks to meeting new blog buddies and finding all kinds of challenge websites!
I've been busy! I feel better! Wow! Lots of Mo thoughts in this post! Sorry! Remember, it's like my diary!

Hope you guys can play along with these prompts! There's still time! I hope to do some scrapping later! I've been up since 4 am....couldn't sleep...nothing bad keeping me up...just lots of activity in my brain....lotsa buzzing! Lots of plans!

Enjoy your weekend friends! Thanks for visiting and commenting and supporting! Love you all!


CS Bazzil, ribbon May Arts, buttons Blumenthal Lansing Co., Shimmerz Spritz (4 Leaf Clover), adhesive chipboard - Early Bird - Cosmo Cricket, pp Cosmo Cricket - Early Bird - Sunrise, library card by, thickers - jewelry box - American Crafts, jet black Staz On ink, white eyelet brad by Making Memories, red rhinestones Mark Richards, red rhinestone button Jenni Bowlin, corner stamps - emotion - Heidi Swapp, pretty poppies eboxy clips by American Leaves, Pigma Micron 03 black pen by Sakura