Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eye Like Your Style!

Oh wow! I got my second ever award!!!!! I'm so happy! This one is from Liz or Dizzy Lizzy Creations. And HER blog is awesome! So check it out! Thanks so much Liz!

This award is called the "I Like Your Style Award" and it was created by Janis's Daughter over at Pause Dream Enjoy. I think it is absolutely beautiful. It is an actual picture of Janis's Daughters eye. Oh so very cool!

Liz, sorry this thank you took so long to post! I think I was putting off the picking of the blogs! LOL! I've decided to pick 6! Here's some great blogs I love to visit - or stalk (in no particular order):
1) Diana at Design by Diana
2) Rebekah at Yeebird
3) Tonia for Tonia and Boys, Inc.
6) JANIS for Pause Dream Enjoy

Just wanted to say to all the ladies! I LOVE your style! I enjoy your blog and your work is beautiful!

All you have to do to pass this along is to pick blogs/people who's style you like and link 'em up with the award! Leave them a comment or email to the post in which they can pick up the award!

So, I always want to share a creation in each post, so here's a card I made a few weeks ago just waiting for a quick post like this to live in!

Do you wanna know why this card is so darn cool?????? You might not be able to see it, but that red paper is pretty glossy! It's part of some packaging I kept from this sticker pack I got! I'm starting to keep boxes with cool designs and product packaging that would look cool on a card! So, before you throw out some of that stuff....think..."can I use it again"? It feels sooooo good to recycle!
I used up some of my button and flower stash as well! The "thank you" was actually a die cut sticker from one of the new Cosmo Cricket lines called Early Bird! I LOVE COSMO CRICKET! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
And that pp with the apples is a double sided pp from October Afternoon called Cherry Hill - New Apron! Let me just say that this is the last piece of that paper and I LOVE IT I'll just have to get more! It came with my June Kit by Vintage Plum.
Jenny at VP puts together such AWESOME kits! I'm an addict! The August kit sneaks look soooooo YUMMY! Anyway, I have a fun project I will be sharing, hopefully this week which features some goodies from this June Kit! BUT! You don't necessarily have to wait for that post! Just pop over to VP and see my post to the gallery HERE!
WARNING: NASTY MO PHOTOS ALERT!!!!!!! It's a K to 12 Mini Book I made for the August GDT competition. Although....I didn't make it to the final 3 to duke it out!!! LOL! But Rebekah (see above)'ll see why! Their projects were absolutely awesome and for the final project they will have to create some jewelry! TRICKY TRICKY VP!!!!! So, go and see what's the haps over there in Plummy Land! Good luck to you girlies!
Well, I'm off to the Woodland Park Zoo with my family! We're meeting up with my super cute nieces and nephews! Pictures WILL follow!!!!