Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Sketch Challenge...Kenner Road

So, a couple of days ago I asked if anyone had any challenge blog I could visit! Wooohooo! I found a few!

I was told about Kenner Road Blog Sketch Challenge. It's still going on. The last day to link up would be June 7th! Um......LOVE THIS PLACE! Thanks Beth for helping me find another place to play! It's also Sam's doing......I now LOVE SKETCHES!

Currently they've got this suuuuuuper cool mini album tutorial/class! I'm dyin'! Check it out guys!!!!!! Oh! Oh! Oh! (hand on my forehead)! I can't wait till tomorrow...but poo I work in the evening! Cough! Cough......just kidding!

I used lots of scrappity scraps! Yay!

I love my Making Memories flowers! These are from my Noteworthy embellishment jar! I know...I keep on using them! It's the turquoise!

This girl cannot stop posing for the camera! Her uncle came over to snap a bunch of photos of us on Halloween...he's such a great uncle. Thanks uncle Nan! *He does photography for the greater Seattle area!* My kids have 4 uncles.....they're all awesome and love to spend time with their niece and nephew!

Quick. Create something and LINK IT UP!