Monday, May 18, 2009

JACKPOT! Feel like I won something...cuz I KINDA DID!

I was online late last night and found these super cool canvas embellishments! I HAD TO HAVE THEM! So I bought two different sets!

Here's another view of them:
So, the name of the shop is Krafty Kate's, owned by my friend Jessi. She's already got some new tags up and some other totally cute felt embellishments too...and headbands! Oh! You've GOT TO LOOK!
Sorry to say, I bought the only ones she had in stock....but I'm sure if you ask, you may just receive!!!!!!!

Here's a few more views of the other set I got!!!! JEALOUS?????? Talk to Miss Jessi, she can HOOK YOU UP!!!!!

She's got some new ones up...cute funky looking ones! I'm going to use these bad boys in another vintage book I'm going to start soon. I can't wait!
So check out my girl's Etsy Store! I'm sure she's going to start making more stuff so save to your favorites and peek in from time to time!
You're awesome Jessi!