Friday, May 15, 2009

Fussy Cuts Challenge!

Hello friends!

For you non-VP-in-the-know folks, let me fill you in! I entered the Plum Star Search on Vintage! Every week there will be a challenge! Create an account so you can vote and enter the many contests they have!

Sign ups for Plum Star Search have closed, but you can still follow along if you need project ideas! If you're like me, I take so long to decide on things and having challenges posted with a proposal of a certain idea/element really gets me on task and I create so much faster! If you've been following my blog posts, you'll see that I've made AND SHARED TONS of stuff over the last couple months! You too can have a CREATION EXPLOSION!

And to go to Vintage Plum, just click on the cuteriffic blinkie!

Want your own blinkie? CLICK HERE for a code.

To see a list of products used CLICK HERE to go to my "Fussy Cuts" Challenge Entry!
Thanks for visiting today!

Wish me luck!