Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spreckels Sweets & Treats!

Last month, I took a MUCH NEEDED mommy only vacation to see my sister (yes....minus my 2 monsters and my hubby), Emmy in Encinitas, CA!!!!! It was a "sister trip" so I flew down (up?.....) with my other sister Krystal too! We had lots of sister fun!!!!!

I have tons more here is a batch of em!

One of the days we went to Hotel del Coronado and walked around. Here's a picture of the hotel I took....but you REALLY should click on the link I just gave to see how massive this hotel is!!!!

There were tons of shops...but one of my favorites is this lovely candy shop called Spreckels, Sweets & Treats! The ladies there were sooooo nice and the shop was just a feast for the eyes! My photos below just do not do it justice. For one, I'm still learning some photography skills, and camera has been dropped one too many times!

Yummmmmmmmmm! Brownies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so spring looking all around! Awesome candies in wonderful packaging! So inspiring! I took a few photos of the super cute displays!

My mouth is just watering looking at these photos! Yummmmmmm!

I'm loving all these colors together! I'll have to use them as scrapbooking inspiration one of these days!

We got a kick out of this candy dispenser! I'm sure they sooooooo wanted to call this "Poops-A-Daisy!" but thought it wasn't appropriate!...but we get the hint!

MOVE OVER Pez.....

I loved the red buckets!!!!

Well, hope you liked the photos! Until next time!