Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ramona Quimby We LOVE You!

First off, lemme just say...I FINALLY got Photoshop and figured out a way to watermark my photos! Man! I was screaming at my computer screen last night! I tried some photo tutorials but I have Photoshop Elements 7.0 and I would reach a dead end at times :( But you know what? You Tube NEVER let's me down! I found a cool tutorial that works for me....I'm a visual learner so it's MUCH MUCH MUCH easier for me to watch and listen than it is to read....BLECH! Anyway, I had to get that out! Yay for me!!!! Do a dance for me K?

Well, I made another cool thing inspired by Creative Cafe at Vintage Plum!!! I had a crazy Tuesday this week so I didn't find the time until earlier today to make this bookmark. And now my daughter Isabel and I will enjoy looking at this bookmark when we settle down at night to read our daily chapter from one of the Ramona books. Remember Ramona Quimby? Some of you may not, but if you've got little girls...they may just enjoy these books!

I was walking through Borders one day and found this huge hardcover book "Ramona the Pest" on the bargain book section for like $8! So I scooped it up...along with "Ramona Quimby: Age 8". As a little girl, I loved reading these books. Our mother would take us to the library when she could. She was soooooo busy but took the time to do a lot of things with us...thanks Mom! It probably just made her happy to see my sister and I reading a book rather than looking like zombies in front of the television!

Back to the project. This week, Creative Cafe was hosted by Lea! Anytime I get to use my flowers....I'm SUPER EXTRA HAPPY! Lea's idea was spectacular. We made flower bookmarks! I love doing quick projects! I wanna make more!

And here's a secret............this bookmark......

is TWO-FACED! Yes! You flip it over...and you get this other side!

Isn't SHE cute?????? Uh huh, it's a SHE.
I didn't have any floral wire so I used some Old Olive 5/8" ribbon by Stampin' Up! And I added this totally cute Filigree charm to the end. It's part of the Filigree Designer Brad set by Stampin' Up! Item # 112577. Here's a photo:

I got the idea of adding a charm from this YouTube video with Dawn (she's so sweet)! Here's the video below:

I think I subscribed just to hear her cool accent and cheery voice saying "Hi Stampers!".
I used some old Making Memories paper flowers and some Prima flowers I had. I decided to paint some parts with white...I used Making Memories paint and a tiny flat brush to paint the white onto my flowers. Just touch the petals lightly with your brush so that the raised ridges pick up the white paint...add some here and there till you get the look you want. I wanted to add some stability to the flower so I figured I needed to add a chipboard piece somehow.

I chose a flower from my On Board Batch of Blooms by Stampin' Up! (Item #112087)

Here's what I did to spice up the chipboard piece:
1) Press your chipboard flower onto a VersaMark pad
(watermark pad).
2) Quickly sprinkle some embossing powder onto the flower.
3) Heat with a heating tool.
4) Paint edges with white acrylic paint.
5) Squirt on some Stickles in Lime Green and spread with a small flat paintbrush! Let dry.
6) Punch a hole in the middle of your chipboard piece with a Crop-A-Dile Big Bite or piercing tool.

See below for instructions on how to assemble this TWO-FACED FREAK of a bookmark!
I ended up getting the rest of the series on paperback from Borders! (They're having a FREE SHIPPING sale right now with purchases over $25.)

Take you're ribbon and cut it at the desired length. (Tip: Be sure when measuring it, you account for the extra length needed to knot it on the bottom.)

Take one end of your ribbon and cut it at a slant so you can thread it through the filigree hole. Knot it. Take the other end and fold it over so that you have a flap measuring about 3/4" long. Basically you want to fold over the ribbon so that you can punch a hole in two layers of it (your ribbon will shred through less easily this way...and won't pop off of your flower one day in the near future). The easiest way to punch this hole is to use the Crop-A-Dile, but a piercing tool will also work here.

Now you're ready to assemble your flower. Start with a big brad. Add your chipboard flower, then medium sized flower layer, folded over ribbon piece, your biggest flower layer (which will be seen on both sides), the medium flower for the reverse side, and the last smaller flower. Secure by flipping out the ends of the brad. You will then cover this ugly BRAD BUTT with a button or chipboard piece which will serve as the center of your other flower. Use a glue dot or glue gun for best results.

And there you have it! You've got a cutey patootey book mark! Wanna check out all the Happenin' bookmarks the VP (Vintage Plum) gang made?
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Oh ho ho...that's NOT all....tune in next Tuesday April 28, 2009 at 6 pm CST! My girl Beth Perry is making the long awaited ALTERED VINTAGE BOOK! Sneak a peek at her creation HERE. So, if you plan on being there....start now and find a vintage book! Beth said $3 or $4 would be reasonable per book but don't pay more than $6 because you'll be altering it!

"See" you then!!!

Oh! Here's my first attempt at a Signature using Photoshop.....he he....I'll get better....I hope!