Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Bird-Day Card

So, if you didn't already know, I'm on a mission to use up my scrap pieces! Tag along with me on this adventure and I will be posting at least every couple of days my new creations!!! Tap in to your stash of tiny, misshapen, and even torn pieces to make something SCRAPPY!

Here's another scrap card I made! It was fun knowing that my pieces of scrap paper were being put to good use. I made this BIRD-DAY card for a friend of mine and I think it turned out nicely :)

I try not to put too much thought into making them....just kinda "go with the flow". I find a pattern that catches my eye and pull colors from it. Sometimes, just looking at the pieces I pull out will tell me which way the card will open. I found this piece that was torn on one side....really scrappy looking!!!!

I tied some twine around the cardstock and then popped this piece up. I can't stop using my
Scallop Edge Punch by Stampin' UP!

I took a box I bought on clearance at the scrap store and decorated it with more scrap pieces of double sided patterned paper. I stock up on items like this box for gift giving. I think I payed about $3 for 3 boxes (2 smaller boxes fit into this one). I used this box to put a set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes in to give as a birthday gift.

I really liked a lot of the patterned papers in this paper pad by Me and My Big Ideas. I bought it at Michael's. I liked a lot of the color combinations they used....not combinations I would normally design with.

CLICK HERE for the Me and My Big Ideas website to check out more designs.

Below is a few close up's. I made another card using the design above and different patterned paper and color combinations. I thought the pattern brought enough color to the card and so I left the image of the bird un-colored. Ha Ha...TRUTH?????? L-A-Z-Y! I glued the top portion of this square piece to the patterned paper section I already had popped up off the card. So this left the bottom half of the square piece hanging off.

Fancy it up with different border punches......I don't have any others (hmmmmm.......I need to get more) so I just left them as strips.....still cute!
Hee says happy BIRD day.....can't stop giggling. Check out the rest of this fave is "I STINK you're sweet!" hehehehehehe. This set is called PUN FUN by Stampin' Up! I LOVE IT A LATTE! Okay, I'll stop now!

I glued a strip at the bottom inside of the card so that the scallops would stand out! This card is perfect to give to a TWEET friend!!!!