Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Designing with Die-Cuts - Vellum Heart Background Tutorial

Designing with die-cuts is easier than you may think and fashioning stunning embellishments is much more cost effective than buying them pre-made. Handmade elements also add a personal touch where the love can easily be conveyed in your final masterpiece.
Die-cut hearts
Patterned paper
Solid colored card stock

Step One: Trim the sheet of vellum to the desired size. I cut this piece down to a 5”x5” square. Arrange the photo, patterned paper and the vellum piece in a design that appeals to you. Do not glue the pieces down yet.

Step Two: Arrange the hearts on the vellum sheet and glue down. I used a glue pen so I could apply the adhesive easily to the small hearts.

Step Three: When you have most of the hearts glued down, glue your photo on top of the vellum piece so that it overlaps.

Step Four: Add the rest of the hearts, overlapping them with the photo on the right hand side.

Step Five: Add the adhesive to only the areas behind the hearts. This way the glue will not show through the vellum. Glue the photo to your card stock  Add a title and embellishments to finish your scrapbook page.

For even more fabulous design ideas, tips and tricks, check out my class called Scrapbooking with Punches and Die-Cuts.