Friday, September 20, 2013

Space Mountain Scrapbook Page - 3 Photo Layout

Space Mountain

I love the look of stitching but find dragging out my sewing machine such a daunting task.  Even hand stitching seems to be overwhelming when I just want to get my scrapbook page done in a snap!  That always seems to be the case too because I've usually go a project planned and haven't had the time to leisurely scrapbook the day away (I miss those days).

So here I've been able to incorporate stitching, a quick template and my current favorite digital designer Boutique Cute Doll.

The kids really love Space Mountain.  My Mom....not so much!  Hubby and I decided to make faces (my kids affectionately call it 'The Uncle Face').  Lots of fun memories in August will stay with out for years to come!