Friday, September 7, 2012

Inspired by Art Journals

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For some time now I've admired art journals and longed to be able to feel comfortable enough to create one.  Well, I've been able to take some fabulous classes at The Art Studio and now I think I've gotten enough of the basics to feel comfortable playing and experimenting in an art journal!  As my skills improve, I'll share with you my adventures!

A few months back, I fell in love with art journaling/mixed media inspired digital kits that can offer the look of art journaling without the mess!  I created two fun digital layouts of my beautiful sisters that were featured in the April 2012 issue of Scrapbook News and Review.

(Click on the images for the credits.)

We Won't Be Surprised

Krystal is my little sis.  She's in her 20's and the world is her oyster!  I'm very excited to hear about all her twenty-something adventures so I can live vicariously through her!

Take it or Leave it

My other sis, Emmy is the bold and adventurous one.  She been lots of places and had lots of fun.  But what she always remembers is to listen to the kid within.  Never forget to see the world through the eyes of a child.  It's definitely bigger and better this way!

My Scrapbooking with Punches and Die-Cuts class was great fun!  I had a nice turnout of students and I'm in the midst of planning about 3 or 4 more classes to be released within the next few months!  I'm thinking about a couple card making classes and a Halloween themed class!  Stay tuned!

We're trying to get in the swing of things here at home.  We had our first day of school...yes, we've got a VERY late start every year and that sucks.  Anyway, the kids are getting used to a schedule again and their doing well!  Hopefully now that they're in school, I'll have more blogging time!

What have you been up to?