Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hey Turkey!


So I'm working on putting together my Disneyland Mini!  If you recall, it's all pre-made and I'm just adding in my photos, journaling, embellishments and ephemera!

One of the biggest challenges I find is trying to put in all the photos I want.  My album is about 5" x 7", so it's a challenge.  What I've done is create collages that are sized down to about 4" x 4"!  I can fit about 5 to 6 photos!

I can't wait to show you the progress!

This is one of the mini pages I put together.  It is really helpful to add in titles and journalling digitally!  So, I guess that means my mini is somewhat of a hybrid mini album....you'll see!

Anyway, have you ever seen those huuuuge turkey legs?  Well, those were one of the things we'd all been dreaming about as we anticipated our trip to Disneyland!  Turkey legs in hand, we enjoyed the night/fireworks show called Fantasmic!  And THAT it was!

Stay tuned for more photos!!!!