Friday, February 25, 2011

Can you give me a WOOOOOT!

So I have some SUPER FUN news!
I am now a staff member at Scrapbook News and Review!

So far it's been such a great experience and I'm feeling all this
brace yourselves for lots of project shares!

I am so excited about all the surprises and fun coming my way!

Come and say hello to me and the gang in the SNR forum!

Well, one of the things I discovered through SNR is My Sketch World.
I've created some digi layouts to get my digi practicing in....

These photos were taken last May during our family trip to Hawaii.
My sis Emmy flew in...and...wouldn't you know, she headed straight to poolside for a drink...ha ha!
That's my sis!

She bought my lil Girly Monster a fun Foo-Foo drink so she could be just like "one of the girls".