Friday, October 29, 2010

crazy lovin' and living....

New prompt up at The Pink Ninjas!!!!

Okay, so I couldn't find any Halloween photos to room's a MESS!

On my wedding day I had 7 changes of outfits!  Here's one of them!

New Endeavors....
Been itching to create....
This came about last night....
been thinking bout it for a couple weeks...

It's an art journal.
I used to write in a diary...started when I was 7.
My last entry...I was 23 or so....
It's been a long time.... document a new chapter in life, I've got this bad girl!
Life is a struggle sometimes.  This will help me get it all out...
maybe I can learn from myself along the way....
and if as i share...maybe you can too????

First entry:
I've realized that it's been quite awhile since I wrote in a journal...put my thoughts to paper.  I think I was 7 when I started writing in a diary.  Now I'm 34, married, with 2 children.  I'm living the dream I dreamed of as a child...but I wasn't prepared for the challenges that come along with reality.  It's a Learn-As-You-Go life.  No handbook can really tell you what to do because everyone is different with different hurdles and the unpredictability of how life unfolds can really be a roller coaster ride.  This is my journey...

Stay tuned for more....


Have you figured out my secret yet?
You'll find out on Halloween!


  1. I think I might know! But can NOT wait to find out for sure!
    I love your layout! 7 changes?!?! WOW!!
    And I love your new journal!!

  2. great layout! and great journal starter!
    I used to write in diaries when I was little all the time! I loved it. I felt like I getting all my dark secrets out!

  3. can't wait to see what the secret is!!! and 7 dress changes???? wow!

  4. SEVEN??? Whoa, thats a lot! LOL Love that photo! (and the layout, of course) So, tell us all your secrets, WE won't tell... :-D

  5. OH, I love the layout and good for you with doing an art journal...i really want to get back into those when I have some extra time!! It's been so crazy around here lately...i feel like I am constantly flying on to the next project around the house!! Have a great Halloween:)

  6. I loveeeeeeeeeee that lo Mo!! The photo is GORGEOUS and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the colors...and SEVEN outfits!! WOW!! And that journal is AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Love the two are just precious!!!

    Love the journal.....tough to do but so moving!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  8. What a fab layout! :) Love the fun elements! Gosh...7 outfits! You must have lots of photos! :)

    P/s: I started art journaling this year...pretty therapeutic! Have fun with your journal!

  9. Very nice layout thanks for sharing!

  10. Hey Mo! I love your LO - you're so beautiful!! I love the journaling too; did that but definitely need to get it going again! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some sugar! Have a great Halloween - I'll be back! ;-)

  11. loving that journal and the parisian touch to your love page :D

  12. that is sooo amazing that you had 7 changes during your wedding !!!!! ;) wow !!! glad to see you scrapping one here now !


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