Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Scrapbooking Recipes?????????

Have you ever tried to make a Recipe Scrapbook? My sister LOVES to cook. Unfortunately I don't share that interest....but I DO create in a different way....I SCRAPBOOK! Last year for her birthday, I created this wonderful scrapbook full of our mother's recipes. Our mother is A GREAT COOK....really....we're not just saying that...it is a shared opinion among many. Anyway, my sister moved to California a few years ago and it had prompted her to request that my mother write down her recipes. I came up with this idea to scrapbook it! But what I thought was REALLY cool was using my recipe card stamps and creating these recipe cards which I laminated and tucked into small pockets that I would create on a scrapbook page! So this way, my sister did not have to worry about damaging the pages - she can just grab the recipe cards she needs. She could even keep all the recipe cards together in a recipe box.

So I wanted to make double page spreads for each recipe. I included comments from 1 or 2 family members on a specific recipe (usually their favorite dish).

Note the recipe card tucked in a pocket I made on the page. Remember, you will have to measure your recipe card so that you can create a pocket that will not be too large nor to small to house the card. You want the card to be able to peek out just enough so you can see the tab. I used my Tab punch by Stampin' Up! to create the recipe card.

Our little sister, Krystal, loves our mother's spaghetti, so she is the family member featured on this page. I would get together with my mom and she would cook one of her dishes (which was perfect since that meant I didn't have to cook dinner that night)! I photographed each dish to include in the scrapbook and she would then go over the recipe with me and I'd make notes. Below is the second page of the 2 page spread. Below is what the recipe stamp set looks like. The exact one I used from my project is retired...but actually I prefer the current one in the catalog. Here's a photo of the set (image copyright Stampin' Up!):

My daughter LOVES this dish my mom makes. It's a Filipino dish called Aroscaldo. It's basically chicken rice soup. For our family, it's a sort of COMFORT FOOD. I love eating this in the winter. My version of this dish.....not that great...although my 6 year old was sweet enough to say it was "good.....in a different way" when I asked her to compare it to Lola's (a Filipino word for Grandma) cooking......ha ha ha ha.

My mother really likes this recipe she uses for pork chops, so I feature her (and my father) on this page. My favorite element on this page is the brown ring I use in the middle called a bosher (I dunno....kinda like a button and a washer....bosher?????). I wraped some linen thread around it. The bosher is made by Bazzil. The scrapbook store I purchased it from closed sometime last year but I did find a website that does sell it (here is the link). I really like the flowers on this patterned paper and so relied on the flowers to detail the page. It really didn't need much. The bosher did well to add some texture. All I added in addition to it was a tag and stickers!

What I like about the page above is the pocket. I made a pocket with some double-sided patterned paper, punched some holes down each side and threaded some ribbon through it. I knotted each end and then placed some foam adhesive to pop the pocket up from the page!

I played with patterns in the page above. I think it worked out. I like this page because if has a few quotes on it. Adding quotes really personalizes this recipe book....making it both a recipe book AND family scrapbook. And all the hours of work paid off when I got to see the smile on my sister's face when she opened it! I'm not always expressive of my love in words....and I think that is why I enjoy creating things for my friends and family.

This page is one of my favorites because I LOVE this dish and I like journaling with white gel pen on really dark cardstock. Be sure you are able to test out gel pens before purchasing them!!! You want to make sure the ink flows smoothly! I FINALLY found a great white gel pen when I purchased a Signo Gel Pen available in the Stampin' Up! catalog! I also love the colors here....makes me feel warm and cozy!
Well - that's it for now. Here's a slideshow of all the pages if you wanna peek at them!