Monday, November 16, 2009

Why can't you be more like Edward? Sigh....

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I am on the edge of my seat waiting for New Moon!  Aaaaaaah!  In celebration of the release of New Moon, I decided to do a Man of the Week post on our favorite vampire!!!

Edward Cullen
Robert Pattinson

It all started with Twilight...sigh.  After much resistance...initilly...I borrowed Krystal's (my sis) copy of Twilight...and I WAS HOOKED!  In a span of 7 days I read the WHOLE SERIES!  Needless to say, nothing much got done around the house that week and boy did I lose sleep!!!!  I felt like a crazy woman....CRAZY IN LOVE WITH EDWARD CULLEN!!!!

So are you ready for some major EYE CANDY?  Let's start of with an exciting New Moon trailer:
CLICK HERE to view, as it cannot be embedded into this post.  It's a trailer on YouTube.

Some cool info bout my boyfriend Rob:

Date of Birth - May 13, 1986 in London, England, UK

Aaaaaah!  He's a Taurus!  Just like Hubby....only...nearly...10 years heh heh.

Here's some interesting trivia (taken from biography of Robert Pattinson.

Is an excellent musician and plays both the guitar and piano. He began taking piano lessons at age three, and classical guitar at five.

He has two older sisters, Lizzy and Victoria.

Acting Inspiration: Jack Nicholson.

He beat 3,000 people to play Edward Cullen in the movie Twilight (2008/I).

Named as Yahoo's Top Movie Heart Throb of 2008.

Named as Rolling Stone Magazine's Hottest Actor of 2008.

His small, but would-have-been-memorable part in Vanity Fair (2004), was cut out in the final production.

Splits his time residing between London, UK where his family is from and Los Angeles, CA.

One of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive 2008.

...and for more trivia, visit the imdb link above. dangerously hoooot!  I always seemed to gravitate towards the bad boys.....

And I went crazy over the Edward Cullen smile!  Swooooon!  Did you?

Oh boy, he's sure a goofball!  Here's an interview for Access Hollywood*

Here's a quote I found on

"I aspire to be Jack Nicholson. I love his every single mannerism. I used to try and be him in virtually everything I did, I don't know why. I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) when I was about 13, and I dressed like him. I tried to do his accent. I did everything like him. I think it kind of stuck with me."

Here's a Twilight trailer if you'd like to gawk at him some ME!  CLICK HERE.

There seems to be quite alot of chemistry here! 

Okay, so I'm not at all saying there's a romance going on....just some obvious chemistry.  No gossip here K?  At least...not on the blog!!  Lol!

Here's a cute video of interview clips*

He poor poor husband!  I got reeled into the series right around our 7 year Anniversary.  Next to Edward, Hubby was sooooo NOT....romantic, mysterious...or sexy...and boy did I compare the two!!!  I mean.....a REAL JUICY FART....yeah, REAL sexy...vs that Edward Cullen smirk!

This is my usual warning when Hubby cracks one...."I'd better NOT smell it!"  Oh that HUNK OF MINE!

Aaaaah!  And a six pack...yuuuuumm....vs a....uh......KEG!  He he!  But I love belly and juicy farts (maybe not that one) and all!  In all fairness Hubbs did make the "romantic" gesture today saying "Uh...I cooked some beef stir fry."  AND he packed my lunch for Monday morning which is my super loooong day at work!  Hmmmmmm.......he's up to something!

The way to a WOMAN'S heart can also be through her stomach!  I love men that cook!!!  And bald ones...Hubbs has got TWO major plusses there (boy do I have a thing for bald men)! joke..I do!  More on that another time...and enough with the TMI, right?

See Edward?  I bet you don't cook all the time like Hubs does! (Are you reading this Hubbs?)

He he...but back the EYE CANDY!

And remember the super HOT kissing scene?*


Here's a quote taken from
"I have been playing the piano for my entire life - since I was three or four. And the guitar - I used to play classical guitar from when I was about five to 12 years of age. Then I didn't play guitar for like years. About four or five years ago, I got out the guitar again and just started playing blues and stuff. I am not very good at the guitar, but I am all right. I am in a band in London as well."

And some video of him playing his guitar...there's a little bit there of Kristen singing too!*

I've put a playlist at the top with a couple of New Moon Soundtrack songs as well as a song by Robert (did you know he sang that song)?  If you'd like a taste of what's on the New Moon Soundtrack, heres a YouTube video featuring snippets of the songs!*

Another fun quote (
"Up until I was 12 my sisters used to dress me up as a girl and introduce me as 'Claudia'! Twelve was a turning point as I moved to a mixed school and then I became cool and discovered hair gel."

Oh Rob.....giggle giggle!  You're so funny!

  Here's the cutie patootie on Ellen*

I think I would have enjoyed science class MUCH MORE if I had THIS to sit next to!

So there you have it!  Enjoy ladies! I did!  Unfortunately, I will have to wait about a week before I get a chance to feast my eyes on all the lovely tight musclebound men in New Moon!  U ready to see them R (yes, I'm talking bout you, girl!)?  I'm soooooo excited!  We'll have our White Mochas and snacks...and Jacob Abs..and Edward Amber Eyes to gawk at!  And once again, the Hubbies will seem to pale in comparison....heh heh!

So, if you're a fan....are you going??????  When?  Are you having a party?  Are you going with a group of ladies or dragging your men?  Until next post!