Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who's Johnny?

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And the winner of the Man of the Week poll in the category of "The Villains".......

This was a hard one, because I wanted to get as many different photos as I could!  Boy he's done a TON of movies!  And I've seen MOST of em!

So sit back...play the music and enjoy!

Here are the MANY FACES of our amazing actor:

And here is is as the baaaaad but loveable Captain Jack Sparrow!  Goofy, rude, naughty and sexy!

Here's some funny moments on Pirate's:

And though Charlie and the Chocolate factory was entertaining...he was plain CREEPY looking as Willy Wonka!

Here he is below as Edward Scissorhands:

And I can't wait to see Alice In Wonderland and Johnny as the Mad Hatter!
Here's a trailer I embedded from You Tube.

And remember the movie Benny and Joon?  He was sooo loveable!

And the cool Sleepy Hollow.....I think I'm in the mood to watch it again!

Here's a funny interview he did on The Late Show with David Letterman:


Now lets take a look at some of his earlier roles. 

Did you know he had a teeny role in Platoon?

And remember Cry Baby!  Hooooottttt!

And the first time I fell in love with Johnny was on 21 Jump Street!  He he!

I even liked this movie.

Here's a cool slideshow made by a fan.  I'm not able to embed the video, but you can check it out by clicking HERE.  It's set to a Creed song...don't know the title...but I like it.

He's usually that bad boy leading man.  Some roles were purely evil characters...some were bd boys we seem to love like in Pirates of the Caribbean.

The killer barber in Sweeny Todd.

And the super hot astronaut in The Astronaut's Wife.

Secret Window was cool too.

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS TOO!  Hot hot hot!  And Christian Bale is in it.....waaahooooo!
And here's a Public Enemies trailer

And with the beautiful Penelope Cruz in Blow.

Okay, I thought he was super hot in Once Upon a Time in Mexico.  Yum...even with that blood running down his face!

Donnie Brasco....cool movie.

I can't seem to stop watching What's Eating Gilbert Grape everytime it's on tv!  I love this movie!

I've never seen Ed Wood, though.  Have you?

Can you believe I HAVE NOT seen this one?  I'm ashamed of myself!

Okay, here are just some yummy Hot Johnny Depp photos I found!


I'm dying here......

Look at that beautiful hair!  I just wanna run my fingers through it.

Loving the facial hair!  The hat can soooooo go.

Did I ever say that I dated a guy who looked like him?  He he....yumm.

Oh wow.

Mmmmmm yeah.

Remember the time after his Secret Window movie where he just couldn't lose that UGLY HAT?  Grrrr, I wanted to rip that friggin thing off his head!!!!  But he's still gorgeous!

And OF COURSE I must finish with my ALL TIME FAVE Johnny Depp photo!

Oh Johnny!  Play something for me!

Well there you have it!  Hope you enjoyed your Johnny time...I SURE DID!

I'm a bit late on the next category.  If I don't have one conjured up soon, I'll just have to pick the next one!  He he!  Hope you're week so far is great!  Thanks for stopping by!